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Q: Do bubbles go up or down on solar cover?
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Why do the bubbles go face down on a solar cover?

The bubbles go face down on the solar cover because when the sun hits the smooth side if the cover it warms the bubbles up on the other side & the bubbles on the solar cover holds more heat than the smooth side

Which side of the solar cover goes up?

The bubbles go down and the smooth side up.

Does the light side or dark side on a pool solar cover go up or down?

The bubbles on the cover should be facing the water.

Do the bubbles on a solar cover go on top or in the water?

The bubbles need to go in the water, facing the bottom of the pool.

Do the bumps go up or down on a solar blanket?

The bubbles go down on to the waters surface.

Which way up dose a solar pool cover go?

The side of the pool cover with bubbles is the lower side.

When installing a Solar swimming pool cover or blanket does the bubble side always go face down?

yes, the bubble side always goes down (smooth side up).this alows air to be trapped in between the bubbles and heat. if bubbles go up they will evenually pop in the heat or become inverted

Shuold Solar covers go bubbles down or bubbles up?

Down, if you hope to heat your pool with it the bubbles (in theory) will heat up from the flat side. As there is more surface area from the bubbled side more heat (energy) will transfer to the water. I've never read any studies myself but I've read differing opinions from people in other posts. Some state the the solar cover actually blocks the sun and less heat is transfered on sunny days and that it is more beneficial to use take the cover off. Personally I find that if you leave the cover on when not using the pool, except when it's raining, the temperature stays the highest. Ensuring the cover is clean and there is no standing water on top of the cover really helps.

Does the bubble side of a solar pool cover go up or down?

Personally, I disagree with the logic used by those above. If the bubbles are up, there will be larger surface area to absorb the sun's heat. Increased levels of heat absorption seems more important than the rate of heat transfer, especially when considering the fact that heat transfer takes place almost instantaniously.****i have tried it both ways, bubbles up or down. makes little or no difference heating. with bubbles down, though, it is easier to clean debrie off the cover and keep it clean.

Which way does the solar cover go on your pool?

The didstributor says bubble side down ( for instance I do mine bubble side up because when I reel it in the bottom part is in contact with the pool edge and the friction may damage the bubbles.

Does the bubble side of a solar pool cover go up or down if the bubble side is black and the smooth side is blue?

The bubble side always goes down.

Why do vapor bubbles rise to surface when a liquid is boiling?

Since the bubbles have less density than the surrounding water, gravity pulls the water down, and the bubbles go up.

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