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Just wondering Because I always see a Lil seemen in my underwear after i finish sparing and sometime no seemen but I smell if I just had sex ! Can you answer that for me please

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Q: Do boxer have a preejaculation while boxing in the ring?
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What Were Red Pollard's Skills As A Boxer?

He was reported to be quite handy in the boxing ring going by the ring name of Cougar.

Where did term toss your hat into the ring come from?

It comes from the boxing ring In the early 19th century, anyone who wanted to challenge a boxer would throw his hat into the ring

Where boxing is played?

The area where a boxing fight is held is called a boxing ring.

What does corner mean in boxing?

Each boxer in a ring (which is really a square) has a 'corner' that he occupies in the intervals between rounds.

What is the history behind throwing in the towel?

If a boxer is in danger during a fight, his "corner man" throws a towel into the middle of the boxing ring. The referee then wil stop the fight immediately. In this way the "corner man" avoids that his boxer will receive a teribble beating. Henk van Campen, topsportconsultant and former boxer

Analogy - Rink is to ring as hockey is to?

boxing, because hockey is played in a rink and boxing is played in a ring

Does Mike Tyson have HIV aids?

No, he does not. Mike Tyson has been a professionel boxer for several years, and in the professionel boxing world, it is required, that any boxer takes a blood test before the ring match. If mike Tyson was tested HIV positive, he would have lost his boxing license.

What is a homograph sentence with the word ring?

Sure! Here is a homograph sentence with the word "ring": "He proposed with a diamond ring while watching the boxing ring."

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The Ring Magazine was first published in 1922. The Ring Magazine has been around for a while and is known for discussing boxing and being a boxing magazine.

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Boxing Legends of the Ring happened in 1993.

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Boxing Legends of the Ring was created in 1993-09.

Which ring has 4 sides?

boxing ring