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Q: Do both teams use the same football?
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Do both teams use the same football in a NFL game?

No. The teams provide their own.

Why is third football kits?

There are third football kits to use if both teams have the same colour kit or neither of the teams are playing at there home ground so they are not using their home kit (1st kit)

What pro baseball teams and pro football teams use the same stadium?

There is only one stadium used for both MLB and NFL games and that is Oakland Coliseum where both the Athletics and Raiders play.

Do any pro football and baseball teams use the same stadium?

Oakland A's and Raiders

How are the same football and tennis?

Tennis and football are both sports, but other then that, they both use a ball. They are really good exercise.

How many fantasy football teams are on

The number of fantasy football teams changes daily as more users sign up and create teams. There are thousands of users who use the NFL site to play fantasy football.

Best unranked football teams to use in ncaa 10?


What are the NFL football teams that use a horse symbol?

Denver Broncos

Where do Ireland play football?

Both the Irish soccer and Rugby international teams use Lansdowne Road as their home ground, also called the Aviva Stadium.

Is a NFL football larger than a College football?

The NFL football is known as "The Duke". Not all college football teams use the same kind of football. The one that I am familiar playing with is the GST and it is more round and a little bit wider than an NFL football and the tips of the ball are not as pointed.

How are basketball and football alike?

You use a ball. You run. The players get money. There are teams.

What equipment did football teams use in the 1920s?

Dangerous equipment and not that much padding

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