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Q: Do both runners get credited with steals during a double steal?
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Is anyone credited with a run batted in when a runner steals home?

No because the batter had nothing to do with the runner scoring.

Double-double in basketball?

When a player hits double digits in two out of five categories during a game, this is called a double-double. If he hits double digits in three out of five categories is it called a triple-double. The categories are points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, and steals.

What is to double in basketball?

When a player has double digits in a statistical category (points, rebounds, steals, assists, or blocks).

What is the most steals a team can get in an inning without scoring a run?

Ten - First batter reaches steals two bases tagged out at plate. Second batter does the same. Third batter steals two bases and fourth batter steals one. Ten is the answer but alternatively, first batter gets on and steals two bases (2). Next batter reaches first and steals second (3). Third batter reaches first and now with three runners on each base a triple steal could be executed with the 3rd base runner being tagged out (5). Repeat last sentence, (7). Then the fifth batter gets walked, and a triple steal is attempted. The runner from third gets caught in a rundown. The runner from second steals third (8). The runner from first steals second and third (10). Then one of the three runners now between third and home gets tagged out before the lead runner can score.

How many stolen bases can you have in one inning without scoring?

I think the answer is 10.previous answer and explanation:1st batter reaches, steals 2nd and 3rd, gets thrown out at home. (2 SB, 1 out) 2nd batter reaches, steals 2nd and 3rd, gets thrown out at home. (4 SB, 2 out) 3rd batter reaches, steals 2nd and 3rd. (6SB, 2 out) 4th batter reaches and steals 2nd. (7 SB, 2 out)There were 0 runs answer and explanation:I think the answer is 10. Two runners steal 2nd and 3rd and get picked off for 4 stolen bases and two outs. The third batter also steals 2nd and 3rd to bring the total to 6. The 4th batter walks and steals 2nd for the 7th stolen base. Everything to this point was how the previous answer of 7 was discussed. Then the 5th hitter walks. Then all three runners try to steal. The runner from third gets caught in a rundown. The runner from 2nd steals 3rd, and the runner from first steals 2nd and 3rd to bring the total to 10 stolen bases before any of the 3 runners now between 3rd and home get tagged out. Also the 3rd out occurs before home plate is touched by the lead runner.Read more: What_is_the_highest_amount_of_stolen_bases_in_one_inningQuestion:I don't think the runners from 1st or 2nd can be awarded steals until the completion of a play, which would be when the runner from third is tagged, thus ending the inning. This is a weird scenario, but when there is a double steal attempt and the runner is thrown out at 3rd base for the last out of the inning, the runner going to 2 does not get credit for a steal, even though he may have reached the bag prior to the tag.

He who steals my purse steals trash but he who steals my name steals a worthless treasure?

Shakespeare's Othello but it is Misquoted.

Has any NBA player ever achieved a triple double without the points for example rebounds assists steals?

A triple double means to have double digits in 3 components.

Does anyone that steals get caught?

Of course. Many thieves are caught either during or after the theft.

How did the term double double in basketball originate?

Double-double is a basketball term, defined as an individual performance in a game in which a player accumulates a double digit number total in any two of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots. Five major game performance in basketball (score, assists, rebound, steals, shot block)If you made a double figure in two of those (Ex: 10 points or more & 10 assists or more--its a double-double. 10 points or more, 10 assists or more & 10 rebounds or more--its called a triple-double.) Double figures in two different statistical columns (i.e. Points and rebounds, points and steals, blocks and rebounds).

Who steals things?

A thief steals things.

A person who steals?

A person who steals is a thief.

Is it considered a triple double if one of the figures is 10 or more blocks in a game?

Yes. A player achieves a triple-double when he scores double-digits in 3 categories during one game. Points, assists and rebounds are most common, but it can also be blocks or steals. When a player has a triple double that includes double digits in turnovers, it's called a "dirty" triple double and it makes me feel queasy just thinking about it.

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