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if you dont touch the wall with both hands, you will DEFINITELY get disqualified

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Q: Do both hands have to touch wall to win in swimming breaststroke?
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How is the breaststroke performed?

A breaststroke, which is a form of swimming, is performed very simply. One must push forward with both hands and then spread them apart to each side, while doing the same thing with one's legs.

How is swimming played differently in the paralympics?

Able bodied swimming and dissability swimming is different as where people have missing limbs extra, the rules that apply in able bodied swimming cannot apply in dissability swimming. For example, on butterfly and breaststroke, the swimmer must touch each wall with both hands, but in a dissability meet, the swimmer would not be able to do this if they only hadhalf anarm. However the swimmer still has to push their half arm foreward as if they were going to touch the wall, but once their other handhas touched, they can turn. Hope this answered your question :)

How do you describe a double dribble?

basically you eitherdribble with both hands twiceyou touch the ball with both hands twice and continue to dribble

Is the Breaststroke a professional sport or an amateur sport only?


Is it legal to touch the ping pong paddle with two hands?

Yes, you can touch the racket (also known as a paddle or bat) with both hands, but there is no advantage to doing so. In fact it is probably more of a disadvantage.

What are facts about Meishi?

Meishi is a Japanese business card. you must take the card with both hands and do not touch the name or information with your hands it is considered rude..........

What is the oyster position in Synchronized Swimming?

just imagine your hands and feet touching each other but they both point upwards...

How many hands must make contact with the wall when turning at the end of the length?

With both Breststroke and butterfly you have to touch with two hands at the same time For freestyle and backstroke you touch with one hand unless your doing a flipturn

What olympic medals have the Philippines won?

Philippines has won 9 total Olympic medals (2 silver, 7 bronze) in athletics, boxing, and swimming. Teófilo Yldefonso has won the most medals for Philippines with 2, both bronze and both in 200 meter breaststroke swimming, one at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam and one at the 1932 Games in Los Angeles.

What are the people doing at the pool's edge watching in Olympic swimming?

Those are stroke judges. They make sure each swimmer is swimming with correct technique. There are many rules about each stroke, and if a swimmer is doing an illegal technique they can be Disqualified Things that can get you disqualified include: Touching the bottom of the pool Touching the lane line False Start Preforming the stroke wrong (doing a freestyle kick during a breaststroke race, etc) Staying underwater too long after the wall (That's what the colors on the lane lines are are marking) Not touching with both hands on every turn (in breaststroke and butterfly) Taking more than one kick per stroke (in breaststroke) Turning over too early (in Backstroke) But olympic swimmers know better than to do any of those things, of course

How do you sign with in sign language?

You use the "a" handshape with both hands and thumbs pointing up and bring them together until they touch.

In basketball is a player allowed to dribble with 2 hands at the same time?

no. if both hands touch the ball at the same time, it cannot be dribbled again. it is called double dribbling.

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