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Q: Do black boxers have thicker skulls than white boxers?
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Is a white skull thicker than a black persons skull?

Ask a medical examiner. One who does autopsies every day. The skulls of blacks and some Pacific Islanders are usually much thicker than the skulls of caucasians.

What color is a boxer?

boxers come in fawn,brindle,white underbelly,white(if the white covors more than 1 third of its body)and black(only if they are mixed,there are no purebred black boxers)

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What are the best colors of boxers?

Traditionally, red, black white, blue, silver and gold are the boxer's first choices in colors.

What is the name of a boxer dog that has different colors?

There are several different color categories for boxers. Fawn boxers are a light brown color. They can be solid fawn or have white and/or black markings. Brindle boxers have stripes of fawn and dark brown. They too can have white markings. When a boxer is more than 40% white they are considered white boxers even though they will have fawn markings or spots. There is also a rare reverse brindle where the fawn stripes are much more prominent than the dark brown.

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Are white boxers rare?


Are there white boxers?

I'll go out on a limb and say you are talking about boxers as in fighters, not the underwear or dog!Yes, there are white boxers. Here is a list of the top ten white boxers over the last 25 years.Joe CalzagheJeff FenechKostya TszyuVic DarchinyanWladimir KlitschkoRicky HattonDariusz MichalczewskVitali KlitschkoRay ManciniArturo Gatti

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