Do bees like to sting

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no they only sting as a last resort as they die. soon after

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Q: Do bees like to sting
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Related questions

What kind of bees sting?

all bees sting except drone bees. they do not sting.

Why do bees like meat?

Bees don't like meat they only sting if threatened

What bees dont sting?

male bees do not sting

Which types of bees sting?

Most bees are able to sting but apart from honey bees, not many of them do. In general, bees only sting to defend themselves.

Do stingrays die after they sting like bees do?


Do hornets sting?

Of course they do, but they are not like bees. Bees lose their stingers when they sting, and then they die. Wasps keep their stingers and stay alive, and are still able to sting later on.

How do you get a bee sting out?

Bees sting out on you when you bother them, the more you boher them, the more bees sting you.

Can all bees sting?

only female bees sting

Which bees give a sting?

Honey bees and bumble bees both sting. However, they only sting if they feel you are threatening them or their hive.

Do bees sting birds?

Bees sting anything so yes

Do the big black bees sting?

Yes black bees to sting

Do boy bees sting?

Drone (male) bees cannot sting.

Are bees more like nettles or spiders?

Nettles - because they can sting.

When do bees die?

when bees sting you they die. but wasps when they sting you they stay alive.

What can bumble bees sting you?

Bumble bees can sting, but they really have to be provoked before they do.

Do bees play dead to sting you?

No. Bees only sting when they are in an agitated state.

Do bees sting rabbits?

Bees will sting any thing so yes.

Can bees sting when they are dead?

Yes and No because girl bees can only sting

Does only big bees sting?

No, all bees sting, big or small.

Can a bee sting itself?

A bee does not sting itself, but a wasp sometimes will. Bees will sting other bees if they are fighting.

What did wasp and bees do when they sting?

bees die but wasps sting as many times as they want

Do bees bumble bite or sting?


Can bubble bees sting?

yes they can sting

Do bee's bite or sting?

Bees sting.

Do male bees die after they sting?

Male bees, or drones, do not have a sting. In bees, wasps and similar insects the sting is a modified ovipositor (egg laying tube) -- an organ that males do not have.