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Yes they do. I was a Batboy for the New York Mets for 7 seasons. I was given a ring when we one in 1986. We received the same ring the players received.

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Q: Do bat boys get World Series rings on winning teams?
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How many rings are given to the World Series champs?

One ring is given to each player, coach, and assistant on World Series winning teams per World Series won

Who has 5 World Series rings with 5 different teams?

No one

Have any of the Texas ranger players been on winning world series teams?

No ... no player on the Rangers team that is playing in the 2011 World Series has ever been on a World Series winning team.

What percentage of teams winning games 1 and 2 of the world series go on to win the world series?

5 percent

How do teams Celebrate winning the World Series?

they get to go to the whitre house and meet the president

How many players have won five World Series rings?

The player that won the most World Series rings is Yogi Berra with 10. Joe DiMaggio won 9 and Bill Dickey, Phil Rizzuto, Frank Crosetti, and Lou Gehrig won 8 each. Click on the 'Players with the Most Rings' link below to see the list of players that have been on the most World Series winning teams.

What two baseball teams played in the most World Series?

The New York Yankees francjise played in 40 World Series, winning 27, and the LA Dodgers franchise appeared in 18 World Series, winning 6.

What team has the best World Series winning percentage?

Of teams that have played at least 10 World Series, that would be the New York Yankees with a World Series record of 26-13 for a winning percentage of .667. The Athletics are second at .643 (9-5) and the Red Sox are third at .626 (7-4). Four teams are undefeated in World Series play, the Marlins (2-0), Blue Jays (2-0), Diamondbacks (1-0), and Angels (1-0). The Pittsburgh Pirates have played in 7 World Series and have a record of 5-2 for a winning percentage of .714.

What percent of teams winning first game of World Series went on to win the title?


What are the odds of winning the World Series?

There is a 1/30 chance of winning the WS at the beggining of the season. 30 teams, as of 2012, Ten teams make the playoffs and one team wins.

Who has the most World Series rings on the New York Yankees besides Yogi Berra?

Joe DiMaggio played on 9 Yankees teams that won the World Series.

How many teams have lost the World Series after winning three of the first four games?

No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the World Series.

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