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You can play Baseball players as far as you want into the in-filed as you want its just not a good idea

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Q: Do baseball players have to play in the outfield or could you legally play them all in the infield?
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Can the outfielders play on the infield dirt in little league?

no your are only allowed 6 players in infield

What do softball players do?

softball players are girls, there are nine postions! depends on your position to tell what you do? then offence hits three strikes your out! four balls you get first base and can steal second if your smart and do it right IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT SOFTBALL PLAYERS DO THEN YOUR WEIRD. NOT SMART!!!!!! okay then, BYE!!!

How many defensive players are a part of the outfield in baseball?


What are the infield positions that defensive players may occupy in baseball?

you can either play first second third base or shortstop.

3 BP of i?

i think you are working on the same 3rd grade math challenge we are 3 = baseball players in the infield is the best we came up with

Where can one buy a ball thrower?

Ball thrower machines are an invaluable tool for helping players practice fielding skills as well as sharpening their infield and outfield skills. Machines can be purchased on Amazon or eBay.

Does speed of players effect the batting average of baseball teams?

It can because players will beat out infield grounders for singles which will raise the player's batting average and, in turn, raise the team's batting average.

What is an innings at defence in softball?

A defensive inning (1/2 inning actually) is when the players are in position in the infield and outfield with the defensive pitcher throwing the ball to the catcher trying to not have the batter (offensive Player) hit the ball.

How many players play in the field for the defending team in baseball?

9 players are on the field at all times. Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Short Stop, Third Base, Pitcher, Left Outfield, Center Outfield, Right Outfield.

Position of players in softball?

The pitcher and catcher are those directly involved with the batter and pitching. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd basemans and the shortstop all play on the infield. The right, center and left fielders all play in the outfield.

Why is the baseball tossed around the infield by the players after an infield out?

Fielding practice, I believe. Also, possibly, a way of showing off a little for the fans. I believe that it's an age old tradition meant to keep the fielders' arms warm during the middle of the game.

What players played in the infield for the 64 cardinals?

The Major League Baseball players who were infielders for the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals team were John Antonelli, George Fallon, Whitney Kurowski, Marty Marion, Ray Sanders and Emil Verban.