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Not necessarily, you can train your lungs/breathing to do so.

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Q: Do athletic football players have better lung capacity?
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Do athletic students have better lung capacity than students who are not athletic?

Athletic students have better lung capacity because they working out all the parts in there body. And there lungs are better than students who are not atheltic . Athletic students have better lung capacity because they working out all the parts in there body. And there lungs are better than students who are not atheltic .

Do athletic students have better lung capacity?


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How does ballet help football players?

Ballet helps football players by getting better at their movement and foot techneque.

Are soccer players in better shape than football players?

An American football player could never sprint for 90+ minutes non-stop, because every play in football only lasts 5 to 20 seconds from the moment of the snap to the moment the drive ends. So, yes real Football players are in better shape than American Football players.

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they have really good skills and are better then you

What supplies do athletic trainers use?

Does athletic Trainer's go though a lot of stress with some players that don't want to cooperate with the rules they need to be under to get better?

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football players because they have a bigger field. But soccer players have a better ball because it is round.

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How can drugs affect football?

Some drugs help the players get better but most are illegal

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Why do the majority of girls think soccer players have better male bodies than football players?

becasue they have time to touch each other.

Man Utd v AC Milan?

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They were studded shoes to support them when running on the grass. This gives them a better grip. SO they were studs (football boots)

How you get better in basketball to go to the NBA?

Use failure from the past as motivation to help you get better. Practice on your weaknesses and study from players at your primary position like Kobe, lebron, derrick rose, etc. Face against better athletic players and that helps you improve. Remember to be confident and just work as hard as you can.

How does the body composition help in football?

Body composition is important in most athletic sports, including football, because a leaner composition makes you stronger pound-for-pound, which enables you to perform better athletically. Fat players might be strong and hard to push aside, but they tend to be slower and tire out quickly. Slender players tend to move really fast and change direction quickly, but aren't very strong when fending off tackles. Muscular players aren't usually as fast as slender ones, but are much stronger.