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yes.athletes have to be low on alcahol or they are fired ------------------------- In general, people with low body fat have less ability to absorb alcohol as they drink. It stays 'active' in their blood more than in most people. Also, being in peak physical condition, their metabolism is higher than most peoples, making the effects of alcohol quicker to start affecting them.

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Exercise increases tolerance to alcohol. This implies that exercising before drinking can reduce its harmful effects. However, it does not necessarily mean that it can make one stronger.

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Q: Do athletes have a lower alcohol tolerance?
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Does a greater tolerance for alcohol lower a persons BAC?


What is one explanation for the generally lower tolerance for alcohol in women in comparison to men?

weight and physical health

How do you use tolerance in a sentence when your talking about alcohol?

There is no tolerance here when drinking alcohol.

Is it true that woman cannot take as much alcohol as men?

Typically, yes. In general, women have smaller bodies, therefore smaller livers and a lower tolerance for alcohol.

Do dwarfs have the same tolerance to alcohol as Human Beings?

Real-life dwarves have less tolerance to alcohol than non-dwarf people due to lower body mass. In fantasy, such as Lord of the Rings, dwarves are major drinkers (especially of beer/ale) and seem to have a higher tolerance than humans.

How many drinks before physical judgment is impaired?

Depends on your body mass, your own personal metabolism, and your tolerance for alcohol. Small people get drunk sooner than big people, and women usually have a lower tolerance for alcohol than men do. People of Asian ancestry ( including American Indians) have a lower tolerance for alcohol than Caucasians do. On average, a small person will feel the effects of the second drink, and a large person will feel it by number three.

How does tolerance to alcohol affect BAC?

Tolerance to alcohol does not affect immediate measures of BAC. A tolerant person can have a much higher BAC without feeling the effects but according to the law they are more drunk than a person with a lower amount that is highly affected by alcohol. To be more specific, high tolerance essentially affects the level of habituation a person's neurons have adapted to alcohol and reduces the number of receptors that they have for alcohol. As BAC is a measure of immediate blood alcohol levels, this is not affected by levels of receptors in the brain.

If someone has a tolerance for alcohol will rubbing alcohol make them die?


Are some people unaffected by alcohol?

Alcohol affects anyone who drinks it. Some people have a high tolerance for alcohol which makes it seem that they are unaffected until they have had enough to exceed the tolerance level, at which point they usually become drunk quite rapidly. A high tolerance for alcohol is a defining characteristic of alcohol addiction, by the way.

What is alcohol tolerance?

Alcohol tolerance refers to responses to the effects of ethanol in alcoholic beverages. This includes the speed of recovery from insobriety and resistance to alcoholism.

How can alcohol affect athletes?


What is alcohol tolerance curve?

very short