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does athletes get pay for gold record

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Q: Do athletes get pay for setting gold record?
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How many countries pay their athletes to win a gold medal in the Olympics?


Do sports pay athletes in the Olympics?

No, they do not.

Do athletes have to pay for their flights to the Olympics?


What does the United States pay their athletes for winning a medal at the Olympics?

The US Olympic Committee pays athletes a cash reward for their success. Gold - $25,000 Silver - $15,000 Bronze - $10,000 There is a current controversy though about the IRS considering this to be a taxable income.

Do athletes pay taxes?

only on wedensdays

What are athletes paid?

They are paid in the currency of the country they are playing in. Pay varies amongst different athletes.

How much do athletes get paid to do a event or fundraiser?

An athletes pay can vary from function to function. The amount of their pay is determined by the contract that their manager helped to design.

Do US olympic athletes pay taxes on their winnings?

no they do not have to pay taxes on their winnings.

Do athletes pay taxes on money won?

Yes they have to pay taxes on the winnings

Why do pro athletes pay taxes?

Everyone who earns income, from whatever source, is required to pay taxes on their net taxable income. There is no exception for professional athletes.

Do athletes pay entry fees to participate in Olympics?

no they do not

Does Canada pay athletes?

ask someone else.