Do aphids eat grass

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Q: Do aphids eat grass
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Related questions

Does a grass snake eat aphids?

no grass snakes do not eat aphids

What happens if a ladybug eats grass?

like i know they eat aphids, but do they also eat grass? aphids AND grass?? someone please answer.

Do ladybuugs eat grass?

no. they are predetors and eat aphids

Can you keep ladybugs alive in a bottle full of grass?

Ladybugs don't eat grass, they eat aphids. Better let it go.

What good do lady bugs do?

They eat aphids, which are the destroyers of grass and other plants.

What is good about lady bugs?

they eat aphids the destroyers of grass and other plants

Did you listen to me WikiAnswers manager i said do ladybirds eat grass?

Ladybirds are carnivores - they eat insects such as aphids.

Do lady bugs like grass?

No.Ladybirds, eat aphids.

What don't lady bugs eat?

they eat certain types of leaves and grass

What do lady bugs do?

They eat aphids to live

Do birds eat aphids?

Chickadees, Hummingbirds, and Titmice are birds that will eat rose aphids. Another bird that eats rose aphids is the Warbler.

What kind of bug does a ladybug eat?

Ladybugs eat leaves and aphids.