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Q: Do any scools have their cheerleaders wear their uniforms each day?
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Do Florida International University cheerleaders wear bras or panties under their cheerleading uniforms?

Most cheerleaders wear sports bras and lollies or spanks under their uniforms

Why don't level 3 cheerleaders wear crop uniforms?

becuase after this year all cheer teams have to have full body uniforms

What do people think about the cheerleading clothes?

Most high schools require their cheerleaders to wear thick full shirt uniforms to comply with dress codes. All Star cheerleaders usually wear half top uniforms made of nylon or spandex because they feel they are easier to move in

What do cheerleader wear?

cheerleaders wear a small top, smal skirt, trainers and under the top thay wear a sports bra and under the skirt they wear sports nickers

What do they wear in Greece?

Normal cloths and for each state they have different uniforms

What did cheerleaders wear in the 1900s?

There were no cheerleaders in 1898. cheerleading was not invented until the early1900s

Why do cheerleaders wear pleated skirts?

Not all cheerleaders wear pleated skirts. Some like the look when the girls dance, and the movement you get.

Do cheerleaders wear briefs?


Why do cheerleaders wear bows?

to be decorative.

Which school has cheerleaders that dress the most modest?

Well there are hundreds of high school and college cheerleading squads, so it would be impossible to know what each school's uniform was like, but typically private religious schools have more conservative cheerleading uniforms. For example, Brigham Young University's cheerleaders usually wear long sleeves, their tops always cover the back and stomach, and their skirts are slightly longer than typical cheer skirts. This is typical of the cheer uniforms for many Christian schools.

What kids like to wear uniforms?

none. no kids like to wear uniforms.

What uniforms do meteorologists wear?

scientist uniforms