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yes during inter league play

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Q: Do any NL teams play any AL teams during regular season?
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How often do NBA Eastern Conference teams play Western Conference teams during the regular season?

82 games in the regular season

How many times do NFL teams play each other in a regular season?

There are sixteen games in the NFL season. Teams face their divisional opponents twice during the regular season. The other eight weeks of the season, teams will play teams in other divisions and conferences.

Do the american baseball teams play the national baseball teams during the regular season?

Yes, it's called inter-league play.

How many games does each team play in one season?

During the Regular Season all 30 teams play a maximum of 162 games.

Do AFC teams play against NFC teams in regular season?


How many games do NBA teams play?

NBA teams play 82 games in the regular season.

How many weeks are in a football season?

In the National Football League, during the regular season teams play 16 games over 17 weeks.

How many games does each team play during the regular season?

each of the 30 teams plays 83 games

Is the World Series the only time NL teams play AL teams?

No, usually about midway during the regular season they have interleague games where they face off the NL and AL teams.

What is a football bye?

In the NFL, a 'bye' is a week when the team does not play. There are 17 weeks in an NFL regular season although teams only play 16 regular season games. Each team has one week during the regular season when they do not play. This week is called the team's 'bye week'. What he said xp

How many games do pro hockey teams play in a season?

82 regular season games exist in a season.

Number of games NHL teams play?

82 per regular season.

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