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Q: Do any British football teams wear grey shirts?
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What soccer teams wear grey shirts?

juventus (away color)

Which teams have won Grey cups in the Canadian Football League?

All of the present teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL) have their names engraved on the Grey Cup. Two former CFL teams were also Grey Cup winners: Ottawa Rough Riders and Baltimore Stallions. Several other non-CFL teams have won the Grey Cup, but none since 1944.

For little league football teams what is the most popular uniform colour?

The most popular colors of uniforms for Little League football teams is often white or black jersey and either black, white, or grey pants. Other jersey colors include red, grey, and blue.

What Canadian football team won the Grey Cup?

The Grey Cup is the name of the trophy awarded to the champions of the Canadian Football League (CFL), and is analogous to the Vince Lombardi trophy in the US National Football League. The Grey Cup was first awarded by Canada's Governor General in 1909. Every current CFL team has won the Grey Cup. Teams that have won the Grey Cup in the last 60 years, but no longer play in the CFL, are the Baltimore Stallions* and Ottawa Rough Riders. No other teams have won the Grey Cup since the end of World War II. The Baltimore Stallions are the only team not based in Canada to have won the Grey Cup. (*The Baltimore Stallions are now the Montréal Alouettes.)

What is the difference between a clear football visor and a 60 percent grey football visor?

the clear football visor has not color or tint to it. while the 60 percent grey visor has a grey tint to it.

What color shirts would match my grey vans Please help?


When did Charles Grey - British Army officer - die?

Charles Grey - British Army officer - died in 1870.

When was Charles Grey - British Army officer - born?

Charles Grey - British Army officer - was born in 1804.

What team has won the fewest Grey Cup Games?

Of current CFL teams, Saskatchewan Roughriders have 4 Wins - 1966,1989,2007, and 2013 The above is only the answer to the question if one restricts the question to current CFL teams. The CFL teams that were in the USA, with the exception of Baltimore, collectively had zero Grey Cup wins. But the question was wide open. The correct answer would be that dozens of teams have no Grey Cup wins. One must remember that the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU) regularly challenged for the Grey Cup right up until the mid-1950s. Only three ORFU teams ever won the Grey Cup. The Sarnia Imperials and Toronto Balmy Beach each had two victories, and the Hamilton Wildcats one. But there were several teams in the ORFU from time to time, none of which ever won (or even played in) a Grey Cup game. There were also a number of eligible teams out west that never made it to the big game. Likewise, going back to the days when the university teams could challenge, only University of Toronto (4 wins) and Queens University (3 wins) ever played in a Grey Cup game. The rest never got on the field. The true number of teams that were eligible to challenge but never made it, and therefore won zero Grey Cup games, might never be known. And, of course, teams which never played Canadian Football have never won it either.

What flag has 17 stripes?

<font color =grey>the british flag has 17 stripes on it</font color=grey> the British flag

Why is grey cup important?

The Grey Cup is important to fans and players of Canadian Football as winning it marks the best Canadian professional football team.

Is grey spelled grey or gray?

definitely...grey in British English, although the preferred American spelling is gray

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