Do all wrestlers take steroids

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WWE has a drug wellness policy. So if a wrestler who works for this promotion is suspended or fired from the company until they are "clean". In the past, Wrestling federations allowed this substance to be used but ever since the death of Eddie Guerrero and the Chris Benoit incident, they have banned Steroids from the WWE. Superstars such as Chris Masters has been fined for this use.

Some wrestling promotions do not test their wrestlers so most likely they take steroids but not all take this drug because they do not need it or just simply don't want to use drugs.

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Q: Do all wrestlers take steroids
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Which WWE wrestlers don't take steroids?

jhon morrosin does not take steroids

How many wrestlers in the WWE die?

Most of the WWE wrestlers take steroids and steroids can kill you. WWE wrestlers will die earlier than normal from taking steroids. The WWE wrestlers are trained not to hurt each other. They will not die in the ring! Get your facts straight, no one in the WWE takes steroids anymore they get fined and suspened and fired for it

How can you say that WWE wrestlers don't take steroids anymore?

They are tested.

Do the WWE superstars take steroids?

yes some of the wrestlers do if they want to get stronger

Why do wrestlers use steroids?

They Dont.

How do wrestlers look so big?


How many wrestlers die from steroids?


Did Eddie Guerrero die of steriods?

Of course, almost all wrestlers take steroids, and that make them die alot faster. With Eddie Guerrero who died of a heart attack because of steroids is an example of steroids making people's life shorter.

What WWE wrestlers have taken steroids that anyone knows for a fact not opinion?

I don't know exactley how many wrestlers have taken steroids or who they were but i know that Mr Mcmahon has definatley taken steroids because when he went to court about giving wrestlers steroids he addmitted to taking them himself in the 1980s i also know that chris benoit and Eddie guererro have both died from steroids. Guererro died on the toilet because his veins got clogged up from all the crap that was in the steroids he had taken and Benoit died because he took too many steroids and went mad and killed his wife and son because of it then when he became normal again he realised what he had done and hung himself. Even though lots of wrestlers probably take steroids that doesnt make wrestling bad i will still love wrestling no matter what

Name all wrestlers that take steroids?

Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Dolph Ziggler (or Nicky from the Spirit Squad) and I'm guessing Batista (he looks like it anyway). These are all I know.

When are the WWE wrestlers who were suspended for steroids due to return?

david blain

Who takes the most steroids in WWE wrestling?

Batista There Are Only A Few WWE Wrestlers That Don't Take Steroids Such As Randy Orton , Edge , Matt Hardy , Triple H , Undertaker , Kane and Triple H . randy orton most definitely takes steroids Kane does edge admited that he did take steroids you can see in their eyes

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