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No, they can merge as soon as the gun goes off.

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Q: Do all runners stay in there lanes for the 1500 meter running edvent?
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How long do you stay in your lanes during the 1600 meter relay race?

You get out of your lane after you reach the designated checkpoint (usually after about a hundred meters) that allows you to do so. In 800 meter races, they usually mark this point with a cone or pole.

Is it possible to have ties in both Gold and Bronze medals in one event?

Yes. An example would be a running event such as the 100 meter dash or 1500 meter run. It would be possible for two runners to tie for 1st and two runners to tie for third.

Do you stay in the same lane in 400 m race?

You do switch lanes in the 400 meter dash. At my school at the 50 meter mark is when you start to move into lane one and two and by the 100 meter mark you really should be in the lane one or you will be running longer.

Why start lines in a 400 meter race staggered?

Due to the curved/circular path of the track, the diameter is longer with each lane that moves outwards. Runners start at intervals for the 400 meter dash so that all runners end up running 400 meters in the end and not more or less.

How do you get in first or second place running a 400 meter race?

you should start of by pacing yourself slowly and when you see the other runners getting slower sprint fast

What is a race were runners jump an obstacle?

200 meter hurdles, 400 meter hurdles, 3000 meter steeplechase

Convert 5000 square meter to running meter?

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What is 800 relay race?

It is correctly called the 4x800 meter relay. It's when 4 runners each take turns running the 800 meter in a race (two laps around the track) by using a baton to pass to each other.

How many times around a 200 meter track for a mile?

The 200m is half way around the track.#2 -The inside lane of a standard running track is 400 meters, with the finish line of the 200 meter race at the end of the front straightaway, and the starting point at the end of the back straightaway. All runners in the 200 cover the same distance -- an 84.4-meter curve and a 115.6-meter straightaway (= 200 meters).While all the lanes in both straightaways are equal length, the further outside you go on the turns, the longer the distance around the track, due to the wider radius. In order to allow all runners to end at the same finish line, the starting points for any race running around a curve must be measured the appropriate distance away from the finish, which explains the need for "staggered" starts, preventing runners from using one single starting line.If you look at a 400-meter race, which is one full lap for the runner in the inside lane, the stagger between the starting blocks for other lanes will be double the stagger for the 200. The outermost athlete is near the end of the first turn, which makes it appear they only have one curve with which to contend. However, while the innermost lane does in fact run two separate curves, the outermost lane runs one much-longer one. So, regardless of lane assignment, all athletes still run identical distances on both straights and curves.If there is a major difference in lane choice, it is that some athletes do not like to run the "tight" curve of the inner lanes, preferring the gentle curve of the outer lanes. On the other hand, the runners in the outer lanes cannot easily "keep an eye" on the other competitors, and often prefer to be toward the middle lanes, where the curve is moderately sharp, but they can still see half of the competitors.

Strategies for running a 500 Meter race?

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How many runners can run in a High school 3200 meter race?

It can vary. I have known some races with 35 runners.

What is the area in a 400 meter track?

A race where the runners each run a total of 400 meters.