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Not necessarily.

In Division I and Division II, NCAA programs are limited to the number of scholarships per team (85 players in the FBS, the equivalent of 63 full scholarships in the FCS, and the equivalent of 36 full scholarships in Division II-there are no scholarships allowed in Division III).

While a Division I-FBS program will usually retain a incoming freshman on scholarship, the "redshirt" designation has nothing to do with scholarships. Each college athlete is allowed five years of eligibility from the day they enroll in any college. Of those five seasons, only four may be spent actually playing. A redshirt season simply means the player is sitting out a season to retain the extra year of eligibility. This redshirt season is spent learning the program and practicing with the team, earning some experience and maturity.

Not all redshirt years occur during a player's first season, although the vast majority do.

The FBS eligibility also is counted differently from the FCS and Division II. In the FBS, eligibility is a "clock" system, meaning the clock starts counting down when they first enroll in school, and cannot be stopped. In the lower divisions, the clock does stop if the athlete stops attending school, as long as they don't become a professional in any sport (get paid to play).

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Red shirt players can get scholarships. When the players a red shirted, they are not able to play for the current year.

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Q: Do all redshirt freshman's have scholarships?
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