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Extra calories make you gain weight not just proteins.

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2009-03-05 20:29:28
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Q: Do all proteins make you gain weight?
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Does vitamin c make you gain weight?

No not at all

What food can make gain weight?

All foods make you gain weight, but some do more than others. Like foods with a lot of fat, calories, and sugar.

What is a good method to gain weight?

Inclusion of proteins rich diet in food habits is the good method to gain weight. If you are not gaining weight even after all efforts then go for a lab. test of IgG and IgM (Immunoglobin test) and consult a pathologist.

Would going on the pill more likely make you gain or lose weight?

It's been shown to cause weight gain in some women.its quite the opposite. WOmen either gain 1-2 pounds or gain no weight at all.

Which Antidepressants that do not cause weight gain?

All potentially lead to weight gain.

Do pooping pills make you lose weight?

pooping pills do not make you lose weight. Instead they make you lose water weight. so as soon as you drink a liquid you will gain all the weight back.

Does wellbutrn and suboxone make you gain weight?

I took wellbutrin and all it did was make me sweat. My wife and i both take suboxone and since shes been on it my wife has gained about 40 pounds. I found out it does make you gain weight.

Do girls gain weight after makeup?

No. Putting on makeup doesn't make you gain any weight. The weight that you technically get is at maximum somewhere around 10 grams and it all goes away after you wash them off.

How can a teenager gain weight?

Healthy weight gain can be achieved through strength training and working out. Check your BMI to see if you should gain weight at all.

How much weight do you gain before your period?

It all depends on the person and the water weight they retain. But normally you shouldn't gain much weight if any at all.

What are some ways that stress affects your behavior and your body?

it can make you gain weight (thats all I know)

What should you eat to get huge?

Dairy products, white flours and corn. All will make you gain weight.

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