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No, some are dropouts that suck.

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Q: Do all pro football players graduate college?
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Do all college football players get to play in the NFL?

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

What Percent of college football players that get drafted?

Approximately 7% of all college football players get drafted into the NFL.

How many division 1 college football players are there in the US?

The exact number of Division 1 college football players is unknown. However there are a total of 80,000 college football players across all divisions.

Do all college football players go to the nfl?

No. You have to be drafted

What college has the most all pro football players?


Is a college degree a measure of intelligence?

No, it's a measure of diligence or daddy's wallet. Football players "graduate" all the time and half of them have suffered some sort of brain trauma.

Who is the best college football team ever?

Nebraska 1971

Can College Coaches talk to prep football players during the season?

ya all levels of football do that

What high school has the most football players to play in college?

all of them and your a jackass

How many college football players use steroids?

The majority if not all of them definitely take steroids especailly in d1 and d2 college football.

Do all eleven college football players have to be in the huddle?

No. In fact you don't even have to huddle.

Do most football players go to college?

NFL - yes. Almost all NFL players have attended a college, though not all graduate before they move up to the NFL. Association Football (soccer) - No. Very few professional soccer plays in Europe & South America have attended college. Most soccer players turn professional around the age of 18, so it's difficult to combine professional sports with a university education. Some do though (Steve Coppell is a famous example).

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