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At a final yes the winners get a gold medal and a big trophy or something on those lines the the runner ups get a silver medal or something like that

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Q: Do all player in every team get a participation medal in world cup finals?
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Number of medals given to team after a UEFA champions league finals?

There is usually a medal for every member of the trophy-winning squad, even if they haven't played at all.

What does each player do?

each player dose what every other player dose you halft to beat all the islands and get a medal .

What was the results of the 2008 Olympics mens basketball finals?

The United States defeated Spain in the finals, 118-107, to win the gold medal in men's basketball.

Have Philippines have a medal in London 2012 olympic game?

No they did not win any medals or advance into finals

Do you get a medal if you run in the Chicago marathon?

Nope you get 5 seconds of fame if your lucky and a participation ribbon.

What is Neil Armstrong's favorite medal?

every medal

Are there going to be indivudual gymnastics medal routines in London?

Yes there will be individual event finals where medals are awarded

Won world cup but did not play in the finals?

The Brazalian Pele , has won the medal without playing in the final.

Who won the finals of men's ice hockey in 2006?

Sweden beat Finland in the gold medal game

If there are 8 swimmers in a 4X100relay and they win do all 8 get gold?

Yes, every member of the team gets a medal. Even if they didn't swim in the finals(was replaced by someone else on the team), but swam in the Preliminaries or Semifinals.

What does the arrow head mean on a World War 2 medal?

participation in an amphibious invasion of enemy territory

Who won silver metal of soccer in 2008 olympic?

Nigeria claimed the silver medal after losing to Argentina in the finals.