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men's studs fit the men's cleats and the women's studs fit the women's cleats

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Q: Do all nike soccer studs fit all nike soccer cleats?
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Yes! Nike manufactures and sells footwear for almost all major womens' sports, including cleats for soccer.

Where to buy soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

Where to buy cheap soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

Which sportsman is used to promote Nikes products?

Nike is used for pretty much everything! There are Nike soccer and football, baseball, and softball cleats, Nike Basketball shoes, Nike socks. Nike is just a good all around sports aid.

Where can one buy shoes for soccer?

Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, Nike Store, World Soccer Shop, Big Five Sporting Goods, and Soccer Pro all offer soccer cleats at competitive prices.

Can you wear soccer cleats as football cleats?

You can wear soccer cleats to play american football but it is less than ideal. Soccer cleats do not have a stud on the toe of the cleat like football cleats do. This make it much easier to run, cut and dig into the grass. Most football cleats are also higher and more supportive than soccer cleats. Although if you are a field goal kicker/ punter or kicker in American Football - they all wear soccer cleats. Basically you CAN wear soccer cleats to play American football but you CAN NOT wear American Football cleats to play Soccer.

What are good football cleats?

nike speed td, nike vapors really anything nike but it depends if its grass or turf all the ones I just said are good turf shoes grass i would actually get nike landsharks ugly cleats but they get the job done

Are baseball cleats different then soccer cleats?

Baseball and soccer cleats are quite different because they are designed for different purposes. Soccer cleats are designed for grip exclusively on turf since the soccer pitch is entirely covered in turf, but baseball cleats are designed to give the player maximum grip on the dirt basepaths, which is why baseball cleats will sometimes perform poorly for outfielders, especially on wet turf. Soccer cleats are round while baseball cleats are (generally) rectangular, and both have blunt bottoms. Certain soccer boots allow the owner to change out the cleats as they wear, but I have never seen baseball shoes with replaceable cleats. The biggest difference however is that baseball cleats may be made of metal but soccer cleats never can. If you've ever wondered why soccer players kneel down while the referee walks behind them before a match, it is so he can see that all cleats are legal. In both sports it is illegal to sharpen cleats into spikes.

What brands of soccer cleats are the best?

Nike and Adidas are the most popular brand of soccer cleats, but if you are wanting to buy some new cleats all that matters is that it they feel comfortable and fit you.For me, i think pumas and classic shoes are the best because they are so comfortable and soft which makes you kicl and run faster. The spikes that are super colorful and bright are usually plastic which gives you blisters.

Can soccer cleats be leather?

yep they have all different fabrics

What are the differences between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

All styles of cleats are different depending on brand and preference. The main difference between soccer cleats and cleats for baseball is a "toe spike". Baseball cleats have a spike at the front of the foot, where the toes are to provide traction when taking off running in dirt, whereas, soccer cleats do not have this toe spike, because it would be hard to kick a ball off the ground properly without it getting stuck in the ground. Also soccer cleats are usually more "form fitting" or will have a more sleek and tighter feel to them since you play soccer with your feet, this allows for maximum feeling of control

What brand glove does jimmy rollins use?

Jimmy Rollins uses a Nike baseball glove as he has a contract to use all Nike equipment. His cleats and batting gloves are also Nike.

How do you know what kind of soles you need for soccer cleats?

I believe it is based on the type of surface you are playing on. Hard soil, artificial turf, slippery wet fields, all require different soccer cleats.

What is the best brand of soccer cleats?

the best cleats are usually nike or Adidas. whatever you do, do not get synthetic cleats. they rip apart easily and make you have weird first touches. The best kind to get is kangaroo leather. both nike and Adidas have them. newer cleats now have first touch spots which definitely help so I recommend looking for those.I would have to say adidas F50s It is ludicrous to say that one brand is always better than another brand. To be fair; all manufacturers make cleats that are lower price as well as the upper price range. You can find great cleats in all brands: Nike, Adidas, Diadora, Under Armour, Asics, Pele, Puma, Umbro, Lotto, Joma, Pirma, Warrior. Trick is to TRY THEM ON, to get a feel for what is comfortable for you. You will probably find that leather boots wear better and after a short while will conform to your foot better than a synthetic. Before you buy, go to a few local Soccer stores and get imput from the sales people as well as try on a few pair.

Are football or soccer cleats better for running on grassy fields?

You can find all the information you need at this website,

Why are soccer cleats worn in soccer?

Cleats are worn in soccer for traction on the ground which helps you control the ball more by not slipping all over the place it also helps you maintain a stable balance therefore perfecting your shot. Also helps you to kick it with your foot.

What did soccer players wear before cleats?

Before shoes with cleats were popular, players wore some type of non-cleat running shoes. Some present-day players do not use cleats at all.

Where can a person go to find Nike shoes that would be good for playing soccer?

There are many retail stores that sell Nike shoes that are good for playing soccer. Stores like footlocker, Dicks sporting goods and even Sears all sell Nike soccer shoes.

Can you use metal studs in soccer?

No can you imagine all the bloody feet from being stepped on

Are soccer cleats necessary for young children just starting to play?

Cleats are great for traction in all types of field conditions and are necessary for all ages, regardless of experience. For young children, you may wish to consider synthetic-material cleats rather than more expensive leather. Realize that soccer is played with very few pieces of equipment and requires fast & sudden movements - cleats are definitely a valuable necessity. For more information, including different types of cleats:

What cleats does Freddy adu wear?

Nike CTR 360 now in 2011-2012....and back before 2010s he first wore nike air zoom total 90 iii a custom red pair nike made for him....then nike shoot ii all red and nike shoot 1 all white...then nike talaria series but now like i said nike ctr 360 maestri white and yellow pair

Is it important to wear the right cleats for soccer?

Yes it is. I all depends on the surface of the field and the position one is playing.

What players wear Nike cleats?

Ronaldinho Christiano ranaldo Fernando Torres Drogba Most Brazilian players, usa wears a bunch of nike cleats and practiclly all the players that ar sponserd by nike so there you go and i love you barca and argintina MESSI KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE THE BEST

Who have cleats and are consider the most important soccer equipment?

I don't know what you mean by who have cleats. But the most important piece of soccer equipment is the ball. You can run drills without it but you can do that without any equipment. Other than that the ball is the most important. Cleats all depends on what type of surface you are playing on, turf, grass, indoors, on fire, or ice you get my point.

Is it feasible to wear football cleats for playing softball and what are the pros and cons and differences?

You can wear football cleats for softball/baseball. They will not perform as well though. Depending on your level of play this may not mean much...less than a tenth of a second in a 90' base path. You CAN NOT wear softball/baseball cleats in most other sports. Baseball cleats are normally flat and metal. They also have a "toe" cleat that works well in loose dirt. This toe cleat can cause injuries in sports like soccer, and is why they are normally banned. Most kids wear football or soccer cleats for all sports due to their interchangability and the cost of buying multiple cleats. Good football cleats often have interchangable cleats, for different field conditions.