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This article from a small local newspaper says that all members whether they swim the prelims or the finals receive a medal:

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Q: Do all members of a swim relay team get medals?
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Do all the members of an winning Olympic track relay team get medals including those who ran in the semis?


How many swimmers on an olympic relay team receive medals? This article seems to indicate that up to 8 swimmers, including those who are in the finals and semi-finals, will receive medals for the efforts of the final relay team.

Which relay swimmers get medals?

Swimming relays are comprised of 4 swimmers. These 4 swimmers compete as one called a relay team. Medals are awarded to relay teams that finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and each member of the relay team gets a medal.

In Olympic team sports how many team members receive medals?

they all do they all do

Which Is A Famous Swim Team?

Australia is a famous swim team the relay of leisel Jones, lisbeth trickett, jessicah schipper, Emily seebohm

How many people swim in a relay team?

It depends what relay you mean - a normal relay has four swimmers (e.g. an IM relay or a freestyle relay) bu relays such as a cannon relay can have more

What is an 800 medley relay?

The 800 medley relay is a race swim/run by a team of 4. The first leg will swim or run 100 meters. The next will swim/run 100 meters. The third will swim/run 200 meters. The last person will swim/run 400 meters. In total, 800 meters.

The swim team has 45 members the diving team has 27 members What is the greatest number of team members who could be in a group?

20 Because there is 45 members and he wants to divide them in groups... Divide them together And then The answer will come out as 20 :)

As of aug 12th 2008 how many medals has Michael phelps won in the 2008 Olympics only?

8 gold medals (2 of which were in team relay events)

Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in what events?

400 meter medley relay team

Do all participants receive medals in olympic relays?

All team members receive a medal earned by their team.

How many gold medals did the Australian swim team win at the Commonwealth Games?

Australia has won 241 gold medals in Swimming at the Commonwealth Games from 1930 to 2014.

What Australian athlete won the most medals at the 2012 Olympics?

Alicia Coutts won 5 medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics gold in the 4x100m freestyle relay, bronze in the 100m butterfly, silver in the 4x100m medley relay, 200m individual medley & 4x200m freestyle relay team

How many players are on a swim team?

There is not such a thing as players on a swim team. If you are wondering about members there can be more than 10. That is basically how many people you need. You can have up to about 100 succesfully.

What is a relay race in swim?

A relay race in swimming is a team of swimmers, the first person swims usually 2 lengths, then as they touch the wall the second person goes, then so on and the first team to get all of their swimmers back (the fastest team) wins!

Who is Australia's sports golden girl?

There are a bunch of them - the 2008 Women's Olympic Swim Team. See the related link for a picture of them with their medals.

Does Virginia Commonwealth University have a swim team?

VCU does not list a swim team on their athletics page, however there is a facebook page called VCU Swim Team, and on there it states that it is "A swim team for VCU students, faculty, alumni, and facility members." Also listed on the facebook page are four invitational events the swim team will attend. So my guess is that they don't really compete as an athletic department of VCU, but instead its more like an extracurricular activity. I have provided links to the VCU athletic page and the swim team facebook page in the Related links.

Members of the Canadian swim team swear to give up during the 1996 Olympics?


How is a winning medal awarded in Olympic team sports?

In team sports a larger podium is set up such that all members of each team can stand on their section. Each member of each team receives a medal - members of gold medal teams each receive a gold medal, silver medal teams silver, bronze get bronze. In events contested by a single-elimination tournament (most notably boxing), third place might not be determined and both semifinal losers receive bronze medals. Where the competition is against a field such as gymnastics or relay races, only a single set of bronze medals is awarded to one team.

How many track runners on an Olympic relay team receive medals?

Anyone that ran in the semi-final or final can win medals, up to six athletes. Two substitutions can be made between semi and final.

Who are the members of the Samoan swim team?

Erika Radewagan and Stewart Glenister will represent Samoa in swimming at the 2008 Games.

How many gold medals has Australia won so far?

THE ANSWER IS 5 MEDALS. 2 GOLD AND 3 BRONZE WON BY: GOLD : Libby Trickett GOLD : Stephanie Rice BRONZE : The mens Relay team BRONZE : The womens relay team BRONZE : Jessicah Schipper

Do team medals count as individual medals?


How much do you get paid if you are on a swim team?

If you are talking about a professional swim team, I don't know, but for kids and teens and college, you have to pay to be on the swim team

Who won the gold medal in the 2004 olympic games in mens 4 x 100m relay and who were the team members?

Great Britain. Team members were Jason Gardner, Darren Campbell, Marlon Devonish, and Mark Lewis-Francis.