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Q: Do all birds have strong muscles?
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Why do migratory birds have strong wind muscles?

migratory birds have strong wing muscles as they have to fly long long distances and it requires a lot of power to fly very far.

What are five characteristic of birds '?

1 All birds have wings but they do not fly because of their body weight 2 Most flying birds are having hollow and lightweight bones. 3 Flying birds have streamlined bodies. 4 flying birds have strong chest muscles which help them to fly. 5 Birds capable of flying have strong wings

How are birds adapted for their life in the air?

Lightweight skeletons, strong pectoral muscles and modified limbs (wings).

What are some adaptations related to fight in birds?

Among other adaptations, birds have hollow bones to make for a very light skeleton, a large breastbone to attach flight muscles, and strong muscles in their chests for flight.

Why does a raptor have strong hollow bones?

Like all birds, raptors need hollow bones to keep their weight low, in order to make flying feasible. Raptors have powerful muscles and the bones need to be strong for them to pull on.

Why do you need strong muscles?

we need strong muscles to lift

What is the function of the sternum in a bird?

Birds have extremely strong pectoral muscles to fly. It provides attachment for those "chicken" breasts

Does having big muscles mean im strong?

No, having big muscles doesn't mean your strong at all , it all depends on how efficiently your body could use your muscle fiber

Why is the breast muscle in a bird the most powerful?

The breast muscles are not the most powerful in all birds - only in birds capable of flight. This is because it is the breast muscles that power the wings.

How does having strong muscles benefit the rest of the body?

You can move more of your body if you have strong muscles. Strong muscles can help other organs.

What help the birds in flying?

The muscles in the birds body is the only thing that can let a bird fly. But oviously enough, if the wind is strong and blowing to the riht side, the wind l help

Who is the most strongest bird in Angry Birds?

The mighty eagle is really the strongest but all the birds are strong: )

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