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Heads are usually universal. You may have to drill a new hole in the shaft though.

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Q: Do addidas lacrosse heads fit on brine shafts?
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Do stx lacrosse heads fit on brine shafts?

Stx lacrosse heads DO fit on brine shafts.

What is the best quality brand of lacrosse gear?

The best for just about everything are Maverik, STX, Warrior, and Brine. I personally thing that the best heads are Brine and STX. Gloves go with anything above $120. For shafts Warrior and Brine make some pretty sick shafts

Do warrior heads fit on brine shafts?

I am pretty sure it does because brine heads fit on warrior shafts, so they should be the same size

Do stx lacrosse heads fit on warrior shafts?


Is the Reebok 10k shaft compatible with other lacrosse heads?

Almost all lacrosse heads are compatible with other shafts, so that you can mix and match them.

Does maverik lacrosse heads fit on stx shafts?

sure y not

Can the brine rocket head fit on a maverik wonderboy lacrosse shaft?

any mens head can fit on any mens shaft. i put warrior, brine and gait heads on STX and harrow shafts all the time. the only thing that is different between different brands is where the screw hole is located but alot of people just tape their heads on their shafts anyway. i however are one of those people who like to screw their heads on their shafts but i have found that i can drill a new hole myself by using a 1/8 drill bit. it makes the perfect sized hole for the screw. please add me to your saved sellers on ebay, ihave awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

Do all STX lacrosse heads fit into all STX lacrosse shafts?

Yes. In fact, any head can go on any shaft.

Do stx lacrosse heads work on warrior shafts?

yes they do but usually you need to drill a new hole

Where can you get cheep lacrosse shafts and heads online please no rinky dink fake site make it legit?

Dick's sporting goods

Why wont my Evo 3 lacrosse head fit any shafts What do I do?

it will fit on shafts make sure the shaft is mens and it's a little harder to put on a crank shaft. if this is a real problem take it to the nearest lacrosse store and ask them why and if i burned out of shape go to where you bought it and see if you have a warranty (most heads do)

Does the brine E3 fit on the warrior maverick wonder boy?

Yes, all heads fit on all shafts, unless you have a Gait with a 10 degree offset head in which case only the TOS heads work on those

What specific lacrosse heads are going to be legal in 2010?

Warrior Spyne X, the new Brine Edge, Maverik Juice, Reeboks 9k and 6k, and Warriors Outlaw

What lacrosse heads can fit on the Brine Swizzle?

any type of head except for a crank shaft head because it is bent. But any kind of head should fit.

Can a warrior lacrosse heads only fit on warrior shafts?

a warrior head can fit on any shaft it might be a bit loose though and you might have to drill a new hole.

What is the best warrior lacrosse head?

I don't use warroior heads, i think brine are better. I would recomend the Brine clutch or clutch x if you are attack. You could still use a warrior sshaft though, even though i think that warrior sticks are better for defensemen.

What has been moderised in the lacrosse stick?

The modern lacrosse stick has constantly evolved over the previous few decades. Currently, most heads are made of soft plastic with different amounts of flexibility. Shafts are made of many materials and composites, including zirconium, titanium, and aluminum.

What is the difference between box lacrosse heads and regular lacrosse heads?

you should know this you butthead

Do warrior lacrosse heads fit on stx shafts?

yes they do. i personally have a stiffi on a vanadium and it fits just fine.. you may need to put a piece or two of tape around the shaft under the head if its a little too small

Where can you buy lacrosse heads?

Lacrosse monkey provides a wide range of lacrosse heads. The products are of high standard for a product sold at a standard retail price. eBay provides many second hand heads in mint condition for a cheap price.

What is the difference between mens and womens lacrosse heads?

Mens lacrosse heads have pockets so that when you get hit its easier to hold the ball, but because women lacrosse is a none contact sport there is no pocket and cradling is different.

Can you string a girls lacrosse head with guy mesh?

Men's lacrosse heads can be strung a variety of ways. A men's lacrosse head is usually strung with 10 diamond hard mesh. A woman's lacrosse head is strung in a way called traditional. This type of stringing is required for regulation women's lacrosse. Men's heads can be strung traditional as well as long as the pocket meets the level of regulations such as NFHS or NCAA. Women's lacrosse heads have the ability to be strung with mesh, though it will not meet women's game regulations.

What are good shaft head combinations in lacrosse?

There are many different combinations of heads and shafts. I like Birne equipment a lot. The Clutch is a great head for every position. The swizzle or the swizzbeat are also great shafts i have the swizzbeat and it is great. It's light and has good grip for shooting. Unfortunately the grip can chip of unlike the swizzle, but the swizzle is 30 more dollars then the swizz beat.

In golf club irons is there a difference between graphite shafts and steel shafts and which is better?

For irons, steel shafts are better- unless you struggle to get the ball off the ground, in which case you should use graphite. Steel shafts are used for irons because graphite shafts are quite expensive and iron heads are relatively heavy- steel shafts are also heavy and even out the swing weight. Graphite is used for woods and hybrids because their heads are light and you can get the most distance from them.

Are real lacrosse stick heads bigger than fiddle stick heads?