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Wives only get NBA championship rings if their husbands give them theirs

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Q: Do WNBA players get championship rings?
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How many championship rings does Lisa Leslie have?

2 : 2001 & 2002 WNBA Final Champion

What WNBA team won the first championship?

The Charlotte Sting The Cleveland Rockers The Houston Comets The Los Angeles Sparks The New York Liberty The Phoenix Mercury The Sacramento Monarchs The Utah Starzz

Which nba players have 4 championship rings?

kpbe Bryant

Who won the WNBA 2008 championship?

The Detroit Shock won the 2008 WNBA championship.

Which MLB players have the most championship rings?

Yogi Berra (10)

Do players wives get championship rings?

Yes I heard them say it on bbw

Which NBA players have won the most championship?

26 NBA players have won NBA titles as of the 2005-2006 NBA season. Joe Fulks, Max Zaslofsky, George Mikan, Paul Arizin, Neil Johnston, Bob Pettit, George Yardley, Wilt Chamberlain, Rick Barry, Dave Bing, Elvin Hayes, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nate Archibald, Bob McAdoo, Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Adrian Dantley, Bernard King, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and Kobe Bryant have all won NBA scoring titles as of the 2005-2006 NBA season.

What is a WNBA's players typical work day?

what do wnba players doon typical days

New york Yankees active players with championship rings?

As the Yankees won the World Series in 2009 all players that were active in the 2009 season have rings.

What are WNBA Player salaries 2007-2008 season?

1) Kevin Garnett $22,000,000 2) Shaquille O'Neal $20,000,000 3tie) Jermaine O'Neal $19,728,000 3tie) Jason Kidd $19,728,000 5) Kobe Bryant $19,490,625 6tie) Allen Iverson $19,195,312 6tie) Stephon Marbury $19,195,312 8) Tim Duncan $19,014,188 9) Tracy McGrady $19,014,187 10tie) Baron Davis $16,440,000 10tie) Shawn Marion $16,440,000 12tie) Antawn Jamison $16,360,090 12tie) Dirk Nowitzki $16,360,090 12tie) Paul Pierce $16,360,090 15) Ray Allen $16,000,000 16) Ben Wallace $15,500,000 17) Sam Cassell $15,344,000 18) Rashard Lewis $14,884,951 19) Michael Redd $14,520,000 20tie) Amare Stoudemire $13,762,775 20tie) Yao Ming $13,762,775 22) Pau Gasol $13,735,000 23) Andrei Kirilenko $13,725,000 24) Mike Bibby $13,500,000 25) Joe Johnson $13,488,378 26) Zach Randolph $13,333,333 27) Vince Carter $13,325,000 28) Rasheed Wallace $13,140,000 29tie) Carmelo Anthony $13,041,250 29tie) Dwyane Wade $13,041,250 29tie) LeBron James $13,041,250 29tie) Chris Bosh $13,041,250 33) Kenyon Martin $13,000,000 34) Richard Jefferson $12,200,000 35) Larry Hughes $12,000,084 36) Wally Szczerbiak $12,000,000 37) Gilbert Arenas $11,950,400 38) Raef LaFrentz $11,813,750 39) Peja Stojakovic $11,664,000 40) Carlos Boozer $11,593,816 41) Steve Nash $11,375,000 42) Jason Richardson $11,111,110 43) Kirk Hinrich $11,000,000