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cooler water.most people prefer cooler water. as you swim, warmer water makes you hotter while swimming and many people feel sick. there is a limit to the temperature range a pool can be. cooler water are prefered because when you get hot swimming all those laps, you dont feel it as much because of the coolness around you

i think it matters for what they prefer. but i think they would want to swim in cooler water because it feels better to swim in cold. like i mean when your swimming hard it feels good.

Olympic swimmers could not swim fast in warm water especially for the longer distance races as they would soon overheat themselves. I don't know the exact tempratures but the water would have to be under body heat.

most swimmers prefer colder water because not only does warmer water make swimmers drowsy but it also heats the swimmers up, making it very uncomfortable to swim long distances. Cold water, because of its coldness is refreshing and also gives the body a jump start. It's proven to have made swimmers faster.

Well what ever the outdoor temp is say its 28 degrees outside it has to be 30 inside the centre and than add 1-2 degrees on to that so 31-32degrees will b in the pool. 28-33 degrees is the norm. Believe it or not coming from a national/world champion swimmer we do train in different pool temps to get the blood pumping. warmer water is normal for sprints and the normal 28-33 degrees is training and sprints. but normally its in the 28-33 degree pool

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Q: Do Olympic swimmers like to swim in cooler water or warmer water and why?
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