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No just a medal.

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Q: Do Olympic medal winners receive a certificate or any other momento?
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What prizes do the olympic winners receive as well as a gold medal?

they receive a medal

How much money does an athelete get for a gold medal?

Olympic athletes do not get paid for the medals they win. They do not receive pay for participating. U.S. medalists receive cash prizes from the U.S. Olympic committee. Gold medal winners receive $25,000, silver medal winners receive $15,000, and bronze medal winners receive $10,000.

When did winners in the Ancient Olympic games receive?

An olive wreath

What did the winners receive in the ancient Olympic games?

A head wreath.

What prizes did olympic winners receive?

In modern Olympic, the first-places winners got gold medal ,the second-places winners got silver medal and the third-places winners got bronce medal. In ancient Olympic, the winner got olive branches.

What did the winners receive at the 1900 Paris Olympic games?

Cups or trophies.

What prize did winners receive in the Ancient Olympic Games?

A head wreath.

What prizes do the winners receive in the olympic game?

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals.

What would winners of the Olympic Games receive as a prize?

Olive-leaf wreath

What kind of prizes do the Olympians get?

Winners of the Olympic games receive medals when they win an event. The first place winners always receive gold medals. The second place person or team will receive silver medals.

Do American Olympia winners receive monetary incentives?

Yes, American Medal winners receive $25,000 for a gold, $15,000 for Silver, and $10,000 for Bronze. Paid by the US Olympic Committee.

Do USA olympic winners receive free college or any other benefit?

not in a million years will a Olympic win cash money

What kind of medals did first place winners receive in the first Olympic games?

real gold medals

What did the winners of the Ancient Olympic Games receive?

A wreath for their heads.

What prizes do the winners receive in the Olympic games?

The winner gets a gold medal and to hear their nation's national anthem in the medal ceremony. They also receive flowers.

What did the winners receive in the olympic games?

If You Mean The ANCIENT Olympic Games (First Held In 776 B.C.), The First Place Winners Received A Wreath Of Olive Branches, To Be Placed On Their Head. The Winner And Two Runner-Ups Received A Palm Branch With Red Ribbons Tied To It. If You Mean The Current Olympic Games, Well Obviously They Receive First (Gold), Second (Silver), And Bronze Medals.

What prizes do olympic winners receive?

The Olympic Committee awards its athletes, $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. The athletes still have to pay taxes on whatever money they win.

What do olympic winners receive for a prize?

The prize that the winner received was a crown of olive branches and leaves as well as the respect of being a hero

What do the winners receive in the modern olympic games?

In modern Olympics games the got a gold medal, sliver medal and a bronze medal.

How did the Greeks reward the winners of the Olympic games?

The winners of the Olympic games were crowned with chaplets of wild olive.

How many Olympic gold medal winners are alive as of 2013?

There are hundreds of Olympic gold medal winners alive as of 2013.

Do the coaches of the Olympic gold medal winners receive a medal or any other recognition for their team's accomplishment?

Sadly, No But, I'm sure the winner does something for them

How much do Olympic gold medal winners get paid US?

The US Olympic committee pays $25,000.00 to gold medal winners.

What do the winners of each olympic event receive?

the winner receives a gold medal, second place a silver medal and third place a bronze medal. All 3 also receive a bouquet/pose of flowers

Do award winners receive any cash prizes?

Medalists do not receive cash prizes from the IOC or Olympic organizers, however some countries, including the US and Canada, reward their country's medalists with cash prizes.