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yes they have to wear visors.

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Q: Do OHL hockey players have to wear a visor?
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Will the Itech X-100 Hockey visor fit on the CCM Vector 10.0 Hockey helmet Large. the x-100 is not the one that has the mirror frame but the tinted please help me. plus all the OHL officials wear it.?

OHL is gay......... and btw iyw to put it on lp. but you cant use wcwi you have to get your own bolts. OHL is gay......... and btw iyw to put it on lp. but you cant use wcwi you have to get your own bolts.

When did the OHL start?

The OHL (Ontario Hockey League) was founded in 1974.

What are the age limits for the Ontario Hockey League?

A young player can be granted "exceptional status" and be drafted into the OHL at the age of 15, such as happened with John Tavares. However, generally speaking, the ages of OHL players range from 16-20 years.

What kind of an organization is the OHL in Canada?

The OHL in Canada is an umbrella organization, meaning that it is an association of institutes working together. In this case, it is institutes working together to form the Canadian Hockey League (OHL).

Do OHL players get to pick their jersey numbers?

Yes they do.

What does OHL stand for?

One translation might be Ontario Hockey League, a junior hockey league located in Canada.

What are some of the teams in OHL hockey league?

There are twenty different teams in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Some of these are the Ottawa 67's, the Erie Otters, the London Knights and the Barrie Colts.

Can you join hockey at 16 in the AAA level and be drafted in the OHL?

No, your not even 18 yet!! :)

Where is Jordan Nolan playing hockey now?

He is currently with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the OHL.

What is the top juinor hockey league in the world?

I have no doubt it is the Canadian Hockey League, which is an umbrella organization that helps to operate the OHL, the WHL, and the QMJHL in Canada.

Do you need to play hockey in high school to be drafted?

The great majority of players drafted do not play high school hockey. Rather, they play in the junior leagues such as the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL. The player would have to play somewhere during high school. Just not necessarily for a high school team.

How do players select what junior league to play hockey in Canada?

If you play in the top junior league in Canada: CHL comprised of three leagues WHL, OHL and QMJHL. You will be drafted in your bantam year of hockeywhen you are 14 to 15 years old, by one of the leagues. WHL gets to draft from the four western provinces and western USA, OHL from ontario, QMJHL from quebec and maritimes.