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Yes they do have a version of Power Steering.

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Thanks! I know IndyCars don't have power steering. Made me wonder too.
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Q: Do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars have power steering?
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What type of power steering do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars use?

One off a full-size pickup. It's stronger than one off a car.

How much horse power do Nascar race cars have?

They have between 700 and 800 horse power in the Sprint Cup.

How much horse power does a Sprint Cup Series car have?

950 horse power

How do you check power steering fluid in BMW 7 series?

Interested in doing preventative maintenance on my BMW 7 series and want to check/add power steering fluid. How do you do it?

How much horse power is to the rear tires in nascar racecars sprint?

In the NON restricter plate races, they produce around 750 hp.

How do you replace 2000 Saturn L Series power steering fuse?

You are severely misinformed; automotive power steering is a hydraulic assist system. There is no fuse.

Where do you pour power steering fluid in a 5-series BMW 530i?

The power steering fluid in E39 BMW's are located by the front of the car. It is marked ATF on the cap. Good Luck.

What Power Steering Oil do you use for a 1988 BMW 7 Series?

Pentosin, about $15US at

Where on the 1980 240 series Volvo do you refill the power steering fluid?

AnswerOn a 1980 240, the power steering pump is a one piece unit located on the front of the engine on the driver side.

How much horsepower does a Nascar Sprint Cup car have?

A Sprint Cup car's horse power is relative. If you are driving the car, there's about 9,000 bhp. If you're in the stands, it develops about 1,000 bhp. If you are watching on TV, it looks to be about 500 bhp. Listening on the radio, it is not the same.

How install a power steering pump for a 1989 corvette?

Secure the power steering pump with the retaining bolts. Attach the power steering hose to the power steering pump. Put the belt on to the power steering pump. Fill the power steering system with fluid.

How much does a power steering pump?

A power steering pumps as much as the power steering pump can pump.

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