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i think the home team

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Q: Do NFL football players pay for their own travel to away games?
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Does basketball players require any travel?

Yes. They have to travel to get to the away games that they have to play.

How do football players travel?

By spaceship

Does TCU have cheerleading?

Yes The TCU Cheerleaders have the privilege of cheering for a nationally ranked, Division I football program. The cheerleaders travel to away football games

What did Ipswich Town Football Club purchase in 1991 which was one of only two?

Its own coach to take the players to away games

Can a NFL practice squad team member travel to away games?

Practice Squad players do not travel to away games with their respective teams. Practice squad players are not elligible to play in games until they are added to their team's 53 man roster, so it would be pointless to bring them on the road. Check the link below for the portion f the NFL CBA that covers the Practice Squad.

How much are football players charged for giving a ball away?

$500 out of there pay

How do the mariners travel to away games?


How many players can dress in college football?

It's different for Division I, II, III etc. Conferences may have special rules. In the SEC, teams dress 85 players for home games, 65 away games. Non conference home games, they can dress 105, the NCAA maximum.

Why are football players wearing GU patches during the 2008 season?

The GU patches are in honor of football great Gene Upshaw who recently passed away.

How much money does an NFL team make for away games?

depends on what player but on an average they make about 5-6,000 per [[Q/How much money do NFL football players make per game#|game]]

What is the GU on the back of pro football helments?

Gene Upshaw, president of the players union, passed away this year.

How many more games to play in the champoinship football league?

they play 38 games home and away