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Hell no! Winning a division title is not the result of a tournament championship like the Conference championship (that gets an AFC or NFC Championship Ring) or the Super Bowl (that of course gets a Super Bowl Ring). You have to actually be good enough to MAKE the tournament and then be the last one standing (in your conference or the league) to get one of those rings. Winning a division title isn't the result of tournament play, but just an accumulation of the best season record relative to the others in the division. But you (usually, unless coming down to the end of the season to break ties and the two teams happen to be playing each other in the last game of the season) don't beat anyone in one game at the end of a tourney, which you had to be good enough to get into in the first place, to earn the title. So it's not ringworthy.

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no its a title

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No. Just the Super Bowl champions.

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Division winners do not get rings.

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Q: Do NFL conference champions get rings?
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Do the conference champions get rings in the NBA?

Yes conference champions get rings in the nba.

When did NFL start giving rings?

NFL team do not give rings to teams that lose the Super Bowl. Losing teams get a Conference Championship ring for wining their conference championship game, but not one for participating in the Super Bowl.

When was Eastern Conference Champions created?

Eastern Conference Champions was created in 2005.

How many NFL teams are in the first round of the playoffs?

Eight. Two wild cards and the two lower ranking division champions in each conference.

What year did OU win the Southwest Conference Title?

Oklahoma was a member of the Southwest Conference from 1915-1919. They were champions in 1915 and co-champions in 1918.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers also receive Conference Championship rings along side their Super Bowl rings?

No. Only the losers of the Super Bowl get the conference championship rings.

What conference do the Cincinnati Bengals play for?

American Football Conference of the NFL.

What conference is the NFL Texans on?

The Texans are in the AFC South...they are not ON any conference.

Who plays in the New Orleans bowl every year?

Sun Belt conference champions and a team from Conference USA.

What is the NFL Champions for 2016?

Denver Broncos

Is a Super Bowl the same as a championship?

These days there is no difference. Once upon a time there was. The NFL championship was awarded to the winner of the league's championship game prior to 1969. Before the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1970, the leagues agreed to play an annual AFL-NFL World Championship Game (later rechristened the Superbowl).

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