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They do need a Nascar license in order to drive a stockcar or truck.

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Q: Do NASCAR drivers need special licenses?
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Do you need a drivers licenses to be a nascar driver?


Do Nascar drivers need a license to drive?

No, they do not need a drivers license to drive a NASCAR race car.

Do you need a social security number to get a drivers licenses?


Do you need special licenses to operate towing services?

You will need a priviliege license from your local government to operate any business. Towing services are subject to local and state regulations with drivers needing special licenses and services needing to be accredited in most cases.

What college courses do nascar drivers need?

Many NASCAR drivers don't go to college. But engineering courses would be a big plus.

Do NASCAR Drivers need their license when they're racing?

No not when they are driving

Do nascar drivers need their license when they're racing?

No not when they are driving

Do NASCAR drivers need a licence to drive at Talladage?

There is no license required to drive in the NASCAR series racing.

Where can you attend a school for cdl' licenses if i don't have class c licenses?

Nowhere. You need to have a drivers licence before you can get a CDL.

How do you obtain a NASCAR license?

To get a NASCAR license you can contact your local track, or you can call NASCAR in Daytona Florida and they will send you out the information.You don't need to hold a drivers license to drive on a race track. So, NASCAR drivers don't need one to race.You have to contact the sanctioning body and ask what the requirements for obtaining a NASCAR license entail.

Do I need special insurance or licenses to open a bed and breakfast?

No, you don't need a special insurance or licenses to open a bed and breakfast. You can read about how to start one at

Do I need a special drivers license to rent a wheelchair van?

No you do not need a special drivers license to rent a wheelchair van. All you need is to have your class D drivers license.

Do marine biologists need any special licenses?

Most use diving license, but no other major licenses are needed.

Do the drivers from the movie Cars and Cars 2 need a license to drive?

I would say all of the street cars have their licenses, otherwise they would get a ticket. The racecars need a license too, but a different/special kind.

Does a bus driver need a special drivers licence?


What computer drivers do I need for the Audio Technica AT-LP2D-USB?

No special drivers are needed for connection to your computer.

If you lose your Florida drivers licenses and need a replacement license where do you apply for it?

at your driver license office. or internet at

Do you need to have a permit to get a drivers liscense at age 18?

It depends where you live. Countries have different regulations for driving licenses. You need to check the legislation in your area.

What kind of drivers license do you need to drive a RV?

you don't need a special license to drive an RV just a regular drivers license

Is there a special seat designed for truck drivers who need lumbar support?

Yes, there is a special seat designed for truck drivers who need lumbar support. You can purchase one at

Do you have to have a drivers license for an electric bike?

Depends on the power of the bike. Weak, "assist" engines don't need licenses. Stronger machines do.

Can you get an oilfield job without a drivers license?

If you want to be a rig hand, you will probably not need a drivers license. I work in the water well drilling industry, and we hire laborers without drivers licenses to work in the shop and on the rigs.

What kind of special linces do you need to get in astronomy?

None. You can start out in astronomy with a relatively small telescope, and no licenses are required.

What type of licenses and training do you need to drive dump trucks?

You will need a Comercial Class Drivers License. This is usually a Class A CDL in most States. So you will need CDL training.

Can you put a vehicle title in your name without drivers licenses?

Yes, you don't need a driver's license to own a car, only to drive it.