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No, he gets professional Nike designers to do it, most notably Tinker Hatfield

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Q: Do Michael Jordan design his shoes?
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What inspired Michael Jordan to design shoes?


Who made Jordan shoes?

Michael Jordan..

Does Michael Jordan make Jordan shoes?


When were Jordan shoes invented?

Michael jordan shoes was invented in 1986

Which sell more Kobe shoes or Michael Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan Shoes.

Does Michael Jordan buy his Jordan shoes or does nike give them tohim?

he buys his Jordan shoes.

What shoes were named after Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan has his own brand. There are some 100's of shoes, clothing, and accessories that were named after the great Michael Jordan.

Do Michael Jordan have to buy Jordan shoes?


Who founded Jordan shoes?

nike and michael jordan

Do you people like Michael Jordan shoes?

Yeah, Michael Jordan shoes are the best. Once I borrowed my friends shoes and I played way worse than usually because I wasn't wearing Michael Jordan shoes

How much did Michael Jordan make from shoes?

Michael Jordan makes 57.8 billion a year!

What were the first Michael Jordan shoes called?

Nike Air Jordan

How many shoes has Michael Jordan released?

over100Michael Jordan has released over 100 pair of shoes

How much is a pair of Jordan 10 shoes?

The Air Jordan 10 was the first design not approved by Michael Jordon. The full range of Jordon shoes are available on auction sites and the prices will vary with quality and availability.

Who is the designer of air Jordans?

Michael Jordan air Jordan shoes was released by Nike company,and named after Michael Jordan.

When did Michael Jordan start his company?

michael jordan started his buisness in 1985 jordan shoes is the greatest shoe ever

How much money has Michael Jordan made in clothing and shoes?

how much money does Michael Jordan make

Are supra shoes Michael Jordan shoes?

Michael Jordan is not the creator or founder of the supra shoes. The supra shoes were founded in 2005 by Angel Cabada. Stars, such as Lil Wayne and Jay Z have sported these popular shoes.

What shoes did Michael Jordan wear in his first championship?

Air Jordan 6

What are the shoes Michael Jordan wore in the 1993 NBA finals?

The Jordan viii

Did Michael Jordan really have springs on the front of his shoes?


How many shoes has Michael Jordan made?


How many shoes did Michael Jordan make?


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When did nike make Michael Jordan shoes?