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Yes, soccer is commonly accepted as one of the most popular sports in the entire world.

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Q: Do Many people play soccer for fun?
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Do people in Mexico play soccer for fun?

Many people play soccer for fun in many countries, including Mexico. Sport isn't just about money.

What do people do in Brazil for fun?

play soccer !

What do people do for fun in Guinea?

play soccer

Why do you play soccer?

You play soccer to get a better understanding of hockey. newtest3 People play soccer to have fun and be competitive. They also play it to win!

Why do people play soccer?

People play soccer because they have a passion for it. They just like to run around on the field, and have fun.

What do people do for fun in Israel?

They love to play soccer

What do people do for fun in Equatorial Guinea?

play soccer

How many people likes Soccer?

i really love how to play soccer because its where i live they played the sport more often lol soccer rocks and it's fun to play ----

What do people do for fun in Greece?

play futbol a.k.a soccer

What did people from the 1900 do to have fun?

play soccer, watch play ( drama ) dance, play with there toy

What do south African people do for fun?

They like to play soccer and quilt.