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Yes. here's the words. I've never heard it though.

Give a cheer for Kansas City,

Loud and clear for the red and gold,

As the Chiefs march on to vict'ry

Like Our mighty teams of old.

Beat the drum, here they come

Warriors, brave and strong.

In the stands, loyal fans

Cheer their team along.

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Q: Do Kansas City Chiefs have a fight song?
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Name of song when Kansas City Chiefs are in offense?

If you mean the song that plays when they score a TD; Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll part 2.

What is the name of a college fight song for the University of Kansas?

The name of one of the college fight songs of the university of Kansas is "I'm a Jayhawk". This college fight song from the university of Kansas was made on October 2010 by Matt Schoenfeld.

What is the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network theme song that is played during commercial and halftime breaks?

I think it was written by Dan Israel. He is a songwriter in addition to producer. He also wrote that song about the Chiefs back in the 90's. It was awesome, but I can't find copies of any of that stuff.

What are the chant lyrics to the song Rock and Roll Part 2 Kansas City Chiefs version?

We are the Chiefs and we're gonna beat the hell out of YOU. YOU. YOU. YOU. YOU. *Point at opposing team bench if at Arrowhead, point at the TV if you're a loser like me and do it at home*

Which artist performs the Kansas City Chiefs theme song?

Tony DiPardo and his T.D. Pack Band

What was the theme song played on Kansas City Chiefs radio network back in the 90s?

Song was written by producer Dan Israel, who is a music composer and producer. You could buy it at Best Buy for awhile, but I haven't seen it in a long time. Israel still works the games. You might be able to reach him through KCFX or the Chiefs.

When was Kansas City - Sneaky Sound System song - created?

Kansas City - Sneaky Sound System song - was created on 2008-07-12.

What is the video or song that has the band playing while a tiny city is built around them?

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Song 1950's Kansas City who is the Artist?

Wilbert Harrison

Who wrote going to Kansas City - the song that Fats Dominoe sung?

Kansas City was a Number One record by Wilbert Harrison (not Fats Domino)

What is the Pontiac central high school fight song?

Oh Fight! Fight for Pontiac Ye warriors staunch and true. Always fight with all your might whatever you may do. Whether on diamond, or grid iron or track (or in the pool) FIGHT FIGHT for Pontiac. For the Orange and Black. CHIEFS!

Who sings Kansas City?

It was a 1982 country song by singer Steve Wariner. :-)