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not at the moment ;)

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Q: Do Japanese high school students play sport on the weekends?
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How can sport impact school students?

sport can impact on school students as it's keping them active so they are not always stuck behind a desk

In Justin's school 0.825 of the students participate in a sport. If there are one thousand students in Justin's school how many students participate in a sport?


In Tasha's school 0.600 of the students participate in a school sport If there are one thousand students in tasha's school how many participate in a school sport?

.6 x 1000= 600 what sports do you participate in?

What percentage of high school students are involved in a sport?


What is the most popular sport middle school students play?

I am not sure

Who created the sport squash?

It was created in "Harrow school" so my guess is the students at this school or the teacher's.

How do you day sport in Japanese?

A school's "sports day" is called 運動会 (undoukai) in Japanese.

What percent of high school students are not involved in a school sport?

A statistically sound answer to this question is impossibly to obtain.

What percent of students play sports?

74% of students play sports

What percentage of high school students play more then one sport?

Around about 1 third of High school students but it also depends on the type of school and where it also located.

What is the motto of Bill Crothers Secondary School?

The motto of Bill Crothers Secondary School is 'To Develop In Students The Love Of Sport Through Learning, And The Love Of Learning Through Sport'.

How popular was basketball when it was first invented?

It started as just an indoor sport for the students at Springfield High School. When it became a professional sport it was the most popular sport at the time.

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