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yes, because they may not play, but they still train, but not as often

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Q: Do English professional Football players get paid during the off season?
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How much did professional football players get paid in the 1920's?

During the 1920s professional football players were paid between $100 and $300 per game. Their salary all depended on position on the team.

How many players are on a football team during a game?

In the Canadian Football League, there are 12 players on the field for offense and defense. There are 11 players in NFL Football.

Which players have played in all four divisions in English football during the premier league era and for their country?

Bobby Zamora

How many players on a football field during play in Canadian football?


Can you pull a players hair during the Football game?


What do football players yell during an interception and why?


What is a sport during which players can loose their teeth?

Almost any sport can cause players to loose their teeth, including:peewee footballfootballsoccer (English football) and boxingsoftballyouth baseball, baseballvolleyballbasketballwrestlingtrack and field

How many football players and officials are on the field during a football game?

there 11 players of each team and 7 officials

How many players and officials are on the field during the football game?

In English Football (Soccer) there are a total of 25persons on the pitch 22 players ( 11 from each side) and 1 Referee on the Pitch 2 Linesmen just off the pitch

How many football players are on a field during a game?

11 players of each team

How many change players are seat during a football soccer game?

5 players

How many players per team are allowed on a football field during a Canadian football game?

Canadian football is played with 12 players per team.

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