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Q: Do Barcelona and Real Madrid play agaisnt each other until the end of the season?
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Did real Madrid and Barcelona ever tied?

Yes both Barcelona and Real Madrid were tied at the top once, about two years ago. Then it was decided on who defeated the other. And it was found that Barcelona drew a game, and the other game Real Madrid defeated Barcelona. Then real Madrid were declared winners.

Is real Madrid good?

Yes as it is one of the two Spanish giants . The other is Barcelona.

Can you name 3 large cities other than Madrid in Spain?

Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla

Which team is richer Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is a richer team according to Fifa and many other companies. Madrid are known for their money, they are filthy rich! However, they do have the largest debt in the world because of their careless spendings over the last few years. The top 3 richest clubs are probably: 1.PSG, 2. Real Madrid, 3. FC Barcelona. But Madrid rank #1 for the most debt and Barcelona ranks #2 for the most debt. IN a short, Real Madrid

The name of one city in Spain?

The capital is Madrid. Other important cities include Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla.

Why don't real Madrid football club get on with Barcelona?

It goes back to the 1900's when Spain was ruled by General Franco, a military dictator who took power after the Spanish Civil War. Franco openly oppressed any language (and culture) other than Castilian Spanish. That meant that Catalan, the Spanish language spoken in Catalonia, Barcelona's region of Spain, was outlawed. The only place Catalans could speak it was in the Camp Nou, Barcelona's stadium. FC Barcelona was the people of Catalonia's way of rebelling against Franco, which led them to be viewed as the "rebellious" club, while Real Madrid is viewed as the "establishment" club. This fostered deep hatred between fans of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, which is renewed twice a year when the two side contest El Clasico. It should be noted that players of both clubs suffered equally under Franco's regime. It doesn't help that a natural rivalry occurs from the geographic fact that Barcelona and Madrid are the largest cities in Spain.

Who has won more matches against each other Real Madrid or Barcelona?

They competed 7 times and liverpool won 4 and Barcelona won 3 times If you don't believe me go to scores at

When was the last time Barcelona won the champion league?

1943 in Madrid. Franco, the former dictator of Spain, entered the dressing room of Barca team before the commencement of the game and reminded them they were only playing because of the "generosity of the regime". It is reported that the referee and the players of barca had been threatened and gave Madrid the victory on purpose after FC Barcelona had won 3-0 in the first leg.

What are some locations in Spain?

Madrid, Galicia, Barcelona, Andalucia, Valencia, Zaragoza, The Canary Islands, Mallorca, Benidorm and many other places.

Is real Madrid historically better than any other football club in the world?

Yes I think Real Madrid is historically better than any other football club because they have won numerous amounts of trophy's and they work together, were as Barcelona has had players come in and out witch makes it harder for them to ajust and on Barcelona they have a player who gets all the credit (Messie) and the other players are just side icons.

The rivarly between Barcelona and real Madrid?

This rivalry is as old as the hills. and is called EL CLASSICO The Classic.These two giants are always trying to beat each other.

Will Real Madrid and other clubs like FC Barcelona play against clubs like Manchester city Manchester united why?

Perhaps they will in the UEFA champions league.