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Q: Do Barcelona and Real Madrid play agaisnt each other until the end of the season?
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Can you make real Madrid friends with Barcelona?

No way! Real Madrid and Barcelona hate each other because Real Madrid is in Spain and also based in Madrid and Barcelona is in Catalonia and also based in Barcelona! Madrid and Barcelona are the two biggest cities in Spain! So there is no way they would ever be friends!

Did real Madrid and Barcelona ever tied?

Yes both Barcelona and Real Madrid were tied at the top once, about two years ago. Then it was decided on who defeated the other. And it was found that Barcelona drew a game, and the other game Real Madrid defeated Barcelona. Then real Madrid were declared winners.

Who has won more matches against each other Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid

Is real Madrid good?

Yes as it is one of the two Spanish giants . The other is Barcelona.

Where was the last Barcelona Vs Real Madrid game played?

The last time that Barcelona and Real Madrid played each other was in the La Liga's Copa Del Rey. The match was held at the Bernabeu stadium, which is the home ground of Real Madrid.

Can you name 3 large cities other than Madrid in Spain?

Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla

Which team is richer Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is a richer team according to Fifa and many other companies. Madrid are known for their money, they are filthy rich! However, they do have the largest debt in the world because of their careless spendings over the last few years. The top 3 richest clubs are probably: 1.PSG, 2. Real Madrid, 3. FC Barcelona. But Madrid rank #1 for the most debt and Barcelona ranks #2 for the most debt. IN a short, Real Madrid

The name of one city in Spain?

The capital is Madrid. Other important cities include Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla.

What are some other large cities in Spain?

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla are all large cities in Spain

Are real Madrid better than barca?

Well,If you are talking about present so i would Say Fc Barcelona,But if you compare them with Their History as well,so real Madrid because it holds many much la liga's and champions league than Barcelona,But Barcelona at the present is much better than Real madrid because of their strongest line-up. plus,Barcelona's players' have perfect chemistry because most of them were trained by barcelona,so most of them are playing with each other since their childhood.

What are some locations in Spain?

Madrid, Galicia, Barcelona, Andalucia, Valencia, Zaragoza, The Canary Islands, Mallorca, Benidorm and many other places.

Why do Barcelona and real Madrid hate each other?

becouse they both did tutty (poo) on each others faces and they called it tutty!! (hope that helps) ;p

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