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sometimes in some places

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Q: Do 8 year old girls where shorts to cheerleading practice?
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What seasons is cheerleading in?

There is no actually amount. However, you might need to clarify your question. Is this with or without practice? My cheer season was about 7 months... With practice, about 11..... *Aussie Sweetheart*

What girls underwear is the best for a 12 year old boy to wear boy shorts thongs bikini or hipster?

Although it depends on personal preference it would be best for a 12 year old boy to wear boy shorts when wearing girls underwear.

How does an 11 year old girl become a cheerleader?

go to your gym or local school and ask about cheerleading for 11 year old girls and or boys!

Does Salome High School have a cheerleading squad?

Salome High School does have a cheerleading squad but in order to get in you have to be expirenced in tumbling and you will have a lot to look up to. The cheerleading squad curnetly only execpt 25 girls a year so you better get ready if you want to become a cheerleader.

What year was cheerleading discovered?

It was 1898!!! There is more info on cheerleading such as who invented at

Are short shorts appropriate for a 15 year old to wear?

No, it is not appropriate for a fifteen year old to wear short shorts unless it is just around the house or over a bathing suit. Young girls need to be careful how they show themselves.

What year was cheerleading started?


Which girls underwear is better a thong a bikiki or boyshorts for underwear for a 12 year old boy?

For a 12 year old boy, the best underwear is the boy shorts.

What year did Bermuda Shorts become popular?

Bermuda shorts are also known as city shorts in the US. The year that they became popular was in 1950.

What year was cheerleading first played?

Well, idk what year cheerleading was first started. Cheer isn't played and we're not players. We're called cheerleaders.

In what year was the sport cheerleading invented?

1898 1898

How much does a cheerleading coach get paid?

about 6000-10000 a year