Disadvantages of football

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Football Pros/Cons The pros are : 1. Like most sports, it teaches teamwork. 2. You exercise a lot during football. 3. Schools offer athletic scholarships for football and other sports. 4. Can improve coordination, esp. if you are a wide receiver, runningback, quarterback, or linebacker. 5. Can boost self-esteem. The cons are : 1. Football can be a very rough sport at times. 2. You will probably have to constantly train and practice if you want to go to NFL. 3. Injuries can occur, although most are not severe. 4. Football favors stronger, bigger, taller, and faster people. 5. Football can become expensive when buying equipment.

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you get beaten with a mace, and you get beaten by a whip

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One of the main disadvantages of football is the risk of injury. Some injuries sustained during football can be long lasting and impact a player for the rest of his life.

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Q: Disadvantages of football
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