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Q: Dipika ji mujhe app se dosti karna hai?
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Hi mujhe bawaseer hai app mujhe batain mein kia karon?

god bless you Doctor ke paas jaana chahiye

Ek pagal ko pagal kahna chahiye ya nahi?

Nahi, ek pagal ko pagal kehna galat hai. Har vyakti ki mental health ki samman karni chahiye aur unhe sahi treatment aur support provide karna chahiye.

What apps does a dsi have?

It has a music app it has a camera app a app to play your game a pictochat app a download play app a settings app and a shop app( you can by more apps at this shop)

mahadev app case?

mahadev app case

What is the surprise app?

The surprise app,is a promotion from the App Store that gives a free app a day at Christmas.

Will you be charged even if you delete your app?

You will only be charged for an app if you have to pay for the app. You do not get a refund if you delete your app.

Is there a tertis iPad app?

Buy the Tetris app on the App store.

Does Apple have an app for WikiAnswers?

Currently, there is no app in the App Store for WikiAnswers.

Is there a WeeWorld app?

Yes, there is a Weeworld app in the Apple App Store.

How do you get the app store on a mac?

u can get in app store by market app

Does answers have an app?

Yes, you can download it from the app store

Can you installl apps not from app store?

if you mean instal app not from app store for free then you need jailbroken iphone/ipod. then goto cydia instal instalous 4 and you could download any free app in app store but some of app in app store not gonna have in instalous 4, but it 97% app is that instalous 4 have from app store. thx for reading