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Lateral, spiral, option pass. and I think there are a few more.

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Q: Different types of passes in football?
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Can you name 3 types of passes used in football?

The buttonhook, streak, bomb, etc

Different types of muscular contraction in football?

== == == ==

What are the different types of blood tubes through wich the blood passes?

arteries and veins

What are the different types of sports officials?


What are the different types of Nike shoes?

Nike Shocks there a football cleat

What are some types of passes in volleyball?

Set, bump, overhead, spike, serve, pass, block, dig. Check out the related links to find out information on the different passes.

In football who passes?


What kind of clouds are likely to from at the edge of this front?

It really depends on the type of front. There are two types of fronts, warm and cold. Different types of clouds appear at different points as the front passes over head.

Types of passes in basketball?

There are only 2 types of passes in basketball, a chest pass and a bounce pass

What are the different types of headers in football?

Diving header, glancing header and powerful header.

Music played at football games?

There are many different types of music that is played at football games. Much of this music is played by a marching band.

What does the receiver do in football?

goes out for passes

3 different types of joints?

football athlatic whrestler

What are two different types of passing routes used in football?

Inside Routes and Outside Routes

What types of passes can be use in netball?

You can use chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead/ shoulder passes, they are the most commonly used .

What does the statistical acronym PBU stand for in football?

The acronym PBU in football stands for Passes Broken Up.

What does PD stand for in football?

Passes Defended

What does the wide receivers do in football?

Catch passes

What are types of shooting in netball?

When you shoot there is lots of different ways to do it for example there is chest passes: you use to hands to pass and you push the ball out.

British football club with its stadium in 2 different countries?

The border between England and Wales passes through Chester City's Deva Stadium ground.

What are some different types of sports in world?

Soccer, Football, basketball, boxing, Rugby, Baseball, wrestling

Why is accuracy needed in football?

to be accurate with shots/passes

How did soccer get its name?

Soccer is a British term used to describe football players who played Association Rules Football. Similarly, the term "rugger" referred to a player of Rugby Rules Football. The game played today around the world under the auspices of FIFA is based on Association rules, and is sometimes called Association Football. The term fell out of dominate use in Britain in the 1800s, but it continued to be used in the US and Canada, and even in Britain when discussing different types of football or among people who closely follow different types of football.

What are the different passes in basketball?

There are several different types of passes, to be used in different situations: the chest pass is used primarily in the open court and on the perimeter; the overhead pass is used on the perimeter and on the outlet pass; the bounce pass is a pass that is used anytime under defensive pressure; and the baseball pass is used when you need a long pass.

What are the 3 types of sports?

Their is 3 different types of sports which are: Invasion,Striking and fielding, Net/wall sports. hope this helped :) From a 11 year old xxx