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Google search volleyball jargon and your answer should be under wikipedia

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Q: Different terminologies of volleyball
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What are the different terminologies use in volleyball?

Bump, Serve, Set, Subsitution,Slide out, Time Out, Double Hit, Foul, and Netball

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What are the different terminologist in volleyball?

Well there are many terminologies in volleyball. Most are obvious, like serve. Others include "Bump" (also called a "Dig"), "Set", & "Spike" (also know as "Hit" or "Kill")

What are the different terminologies in volleyball?

Bump, pass, attack, hit, spike, free, front, back, block, no middle, no right, no outside, setter out, serve recive.

What are the Important terminologies used in volleyball?

duce spike hits defence attack booster love block

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Different terminologies in volleyball?

Bump, set, spike, dink, dig, dive, serve, open handed spike,closed handed spike, underhand serve, overhand serve.

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