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The difference in team colors:

New England Patriots: Nautical Blue, New Century Silver, Red, White

New York Giants: Dark Blue, Red, Gray, White

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Q: Differences in the giants and the patriots team colors?
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What football team is more popliar the giants or the patriots?


Who is a better team Patriots or the Giants?

Patriots are good even though they lost a super bowl by giants.

Is their a soccer team called patriots and giants?

The Patriots and Giants are both American Football teams, not soccer.

What are the Patriots colors?

Dark blue, white, and red are their team colors.

What colors are the giants going to where to the Super Bowl?

The giants team colors are red and white. :)

Who Is the Home team for XLVI?

No one the Giants and the Patriots are in Indianapolis.

What team play better New York patriots or New York Giants football team?

New York Giants

What are the team colors of the New York Gients?

This is so easy Their colors are blue and red some times white they are a great team and remember (Lets Go Giants!)

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team Giants - 2007 Week 17 Patriots at Giants Game Highlights?

NFL Follow Your Team Giants - 2007 Week 17 Patriots at Giants Game Highlights was released on: USA: December 2007

What NFL team is named after Patrick and Valentine?

The New Orleans Saints (St Patrick & St Valentine).

What team won New York Giants or New England Patriots on 2012?

The Giants won 21-17.

Which team is better NY Giants or NE Patriots?

It just depends on who you like.