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'Spike' cleats have metal on the bottom. 'Molded' cleats are usually hard rubber.

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Q: Differences between spikes and molded cleats?
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What the difference between golf cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats have spikes golf cleats doesnt

What kind os shoes does a football player wear?

They wear cleats. There are two kinds detachable and molded detachable let player to change the spikes. while molded does not.

What is the difference between spikes and cleats?

Spikes are sharper and therefore make running easier.

What are the spikes soccer cleats called?

I believe the spikes on the bottom of soccer cleats are known as cleats!

Whats the difference between soccer cleats and track cleats?

Track spikes are sharp and pointy while soccer and other sports that require cleats don't have spikes, they are just rounded off.

Spikes or cleats for high school softball?


What is the Difference between football cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats could be the actual shoe itself for the sport or it could be the little spikes and pins on the bottom.

Tell you about baseball cleats?

baseball cleats have meal spikes on the bottom

What is the difference between cleats and tennis shoes?

cleats are mainly meant for soccor and they have spikes at the bottom ant tennis shoes are meant to play in and they can work for soccor but cleats are better for soccor

Are the spikes on soccer cleats necessary?

Yes. Without them, it would be easier to slide and be unsafe. The cleats, or spikes make it easier to grip the ground.

How are baseball and football cleats different?

Baseball cleats have metal spikes. Football usually has detachable cleats that are plastic.

What is the difference between baseball and football cleats?

Differences in Sports CleatsFootball cleats are the heaviest and most supportive. soccer cleats are light and fit your foot tighter than Baseball or football cleats. . Some soccer cleats are lighter than professional running shoes. Most soccer cleats are very thin but they don't were down easily. Baseball cleats are thicker and they have least pointy spikes because your mostly in the dirt. The most important distinction is that soccer cleats, unlike football and baseball cleats, do not have a cleat on the bottom of the toe.

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