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a dirt bike has a motor

Mountain Biking is arguably more "connected" to the trail and nature. it can also require much more excercise.

a mountain bike is much lighter, and has less suspension travel

dirt bikes are also more expensive, and require fuel

decent dirt bike price= very good mountain bike price

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2012-05-04 02:23:18
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Q: Differences between mountain bike and dirt bike?
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What is the difference between dirt bike helmets and ATV helmets?

Mountain bike helmets are better than dirt bike helmets

Is there a Difference between mountain bike and dirt bike tube?

The difference is that the mountain bike tube is much burlier and wider than the dirt jump tube but may not be as strong in terms of hard hitting strength.

Are mountain bikes for dirt ramps?

not all are. if you want to do dirt jumping i recommend you do not use a normal mountain bike. get a proper dirt jump bike. i used a felt q520 xc bike to dirt jump and the forks broke and i took it in and the mechanic said i had damaged the frame and it was close to snapping.

What is it called when you bmx with a mountain bike?

You're probably thinking of "Dirt riding" or "Dirt Jumping".

What are some famous mountain bike magazines?

One of the most popular mountain bike magazine is "Mountain Bike." Other favorites that discuss all types of biking are "Dirt Rag Magazine," and "Bike Magazine."

What is the difference between a trail dirt bike and motocross dirt bike?

motor cross is faster

Where can someone purchase dirt bike tires?

Someone can purchase dirt bike tires from Rocky Mountain ATV and Motorcycle in Payson Utah. One can also shop at Motor Sport for dirt bike tires. Local bike shops in one's area will have dirt bike tires also.

Where can you buy dirt bike parts?

Dirt bike parts can be purchased at several retailers. These retailers include Service Honda, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Dennis Kirk, and local dirt bike dealerships.

How much dirt bike helmets cost?

How much d dirt bike. Helmets cost

What is the difference between a cruiser bike dirt bike and a mountain bike?

A cruiser bike is a bike that gives an upright riding postion, is usually blinged out, and is ridden rather sedately. A dirt bike is something like a cross between a BMX and a MTB. Usually a singlespeed, suspension fork and rugged frame to stand up to jumps and tricks. MTBs are available in several different versions(XC, AM, DH), but basically they're about providing a compromise between ruggedness and rideability.

What is the difference between a bike and a dirt bike?

ones got a motor the other is manual

What is the difference between a pit dirt bike and a regular dirt bike?

A pit bike is a very small bike that is more to like mess around with in the pits hint hint and a regular dirt bike is alot larger more for trial riding or racing.

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