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Team fouls are the total fouls that all the players together committed. Personal fouls are each player individually.

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Q: Difference between team and personal fouls?
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Do personal and team fouls reset in overtime?

Team fouls are reset to 3. Personal fouls remain the same

What fouls are there in basketball?

personal team technical

Can a team be penalized for 2 personal fouls?

no a team cannot be penalized but a player can be penalized if he makes more than 6 fouls

What determines whether a foul is a personal foul and a team foul?

NBAA personal foul is a foul committed by players of the same team. Those fouls committed by players are totaled up and added to the team known as "Team Fouls". For example if your point guard has 2 fouls and your power forward has 3 fouls that means your team would have 5 fouls total. In the NBA 5 team fouls would put the other team in the "Bonus situation" and your team in the "Penalty" where every single foul would result in TWO automatic free throws for the other team. Team fouls will reset after every quarter, however personal fouls will not. Six personal fouls will result in disqualification. NCAA (College)College is different. In college you get 7 team fouls before the "One-And-One Situation" During the "One-and-One" every foul by your team will result in ONE free throw for the other team, however if that person makes his/her free throw, he/she gets to shoot another free throw. If you get 10 team fouls the game will be in the "Double Bonus" where every foul committed by your team will result in TWO automatic free throws for the other team. There are TWO 20 minute halves in college, so the team fouls reset every half. However personal fouls will not. Five personal fouls will result in disqualification.

What is a team foul in basketball?

It's the total number of fouls made by players on a team. A team foul is when a player commits a 'personal foul' but it is seen as dangerous so it is also counted against his/her team fouls. It is seen as 'over the limit'.

What NFL team had the most personal fouls in 2009?

Oakland raiders most likely

When a basketball TV commentator says Suton has two fouls to give what does that mean?

im not quite sure, but I'm guessing that Suton is a team right?: every half or period a team's total fouls (adds all the personal fouls of team's players) are added up. If they reach the 4th (NBA) or 7th (NCAA) foul then the opposing team automatically gets to go to the free throw line from then on. the total amount of team fouls reload at the half. So the commentator means that Suton can still cause two risk-free (except for shot attempt fouls) fouls. i hope that helps, paul

How many fouls you get per game?

In most leagues it is 5 fouls until you are out. However, in some tournaments they can make up whatever rules they want so any number of fouls. But basically it is 5 fouls. -Kristen (I have played basketball for 6 years)

When TV commentator says Suton has two fouls to give what does that mean?

I'm guessing the commentator was talking about the team as a whole, not one specific player. When a team has fouls to give it means that they haven't reached the 1 and 1 yet. In this case they would have only committed 5 fouls, and they 1 and 1 isn't reached until they have committed 7. Another possibility is that the player had 3 personal fouls and he could give two more fouls.

What is the difference between a personal and professional relationship when communicating in the workplace?

working goether as a team, listening, being helpful and flexible

What is significant about 10 team fouls in basketball?

In the NBA, there is nothing significant about 10 team fouls. In college, 10 team fouls means that the opposing team gets to shoot 2 free throws every time they are fouled.

What is a rough foul in team handball?

All fouls from behind and those fouls that target the player and not the "game"