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Softball uses a larger ball than Baseball does. Softball bats and gloves are different in size and weight. Also a softball field is a lot smaller than a baseball field.

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Q: Difference between soft ball and baseball?
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What is the difference between soft ball and baseball?

my answer is that soft ball is for girls and base ball is for boys. The reason i know this is because my sister played soft ball when she was young.

What is the difference between volleyball and softball?

volley ball is a volley ball u use and soft ball is a soft ball that u use geez guyz hoo askes these quesions gosh XD

What is another name for baseball?

there is T-ball, Soft ball and even cricket is a "form" of baseball

What is the difference between soccer and soft ball?

Soccer is just like lacrosse, except you use your feet. Softball is just like baseball, except you pitch underhand, have a larger ball, and have four outfielders instead of three. There are many differences between the two sports.

What do you call in the court of soft ball?

Baseball diamond

Is a baseball or softball heaver?

a soft ball is heaver

What is another sport besides baseball that uses a bat and a ball?

soft ball.... ?

Can you throw the ball at a runner in baseball?

Yes, the same rules apply in soft ball to.

Is a soft ball hard or soft?

A softball can be hard and soft, depending on the type you get. A softball is about 3 times the size of a baseball.

How is soft ball different from baseball?

The ball is larger, and is thrown underarm rather than overarm.

What is the difference between soft keyboard and keyboard?

One is soft and the other is not.

What is the main difference Between hard and soft corals?

The difference is in the name; soft corals are soft have body ; with no bony or hard Parts

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